Students Of This University Get To Play Pokemon Go As A Part of Their Degree

Ever had the pleasure of playing games on your mobile phone right in the middle of a lecture? Well, students of Salford University in the UK might soon get to capture Pokemon as a part of their curriculum.



The students pursuing Business Information Technology course at an undergraduate level in Salford University will have to play Pokemon Go if they’re to secure credits for their course.

According to Dr. David Kreps, a lecturer at the University, the game perfectly fits into the course and will make it simpler and easier to grab.

“It uses various information systems that are accessed over the internet, a digital camera and a GPS location sensor,” he stated.

He also implied that the course might be ‘a little more complicated’ than simply trying to catch as many Pidgeys as possible.

Course instructor Steven Bird says, “This app does more than let you shoot a Pokéball. You get to adventure around, seeing different things, being active, seeing the sun.

It allows you to move in large groups and a team. You get not only physical activity, you also get team-building and leadership,” he continued.

Salford isn’t the only university looking to incorporate Pokemon Go into its curriculum. Universities such as The University of Idaho and the Northern Illinois University, among others, have also made similar changes.

For one thing, playing a game as a part of your degree would definitely make it a hell lot more fun. Such an unconventional method of teaching is also a welcome relief from the monotonous academic structure of a billion textbooks.

It would also encourage the students to go out, which is the whole point of the game, rather than sit under a lamp and memorize all that they can.

I would love for a game to be part of my degree. But sadly, India will most probably never be tolerant enough to do so. People already wanted to ban the game because the Pokestops were temples.

Imagine how they would react if students were being taught through a ‘petty little game’. How are they supposed to become Engineers and Doctors if they waste all their time roaming around and mingling with other people? Totally unacceptable.

Coming back to Salford University, credit is definitely due to them for taking such a bold step and thinking out of the box.

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