The world is messed up. The cyber security of various communities including channels like HBO has been put to shit by crackers and hackers, with these apparent internet heroes waging a pseudo cyber rebellion against such organizations in order to look like modern-day incarnations of Robin Hood by giving us free stuff.

Well, I as a consumer have had enough of it. Or at least I think so? Because at the end of the day, I should be happy for getting free episodes of Game Of Thrones, right?

And that’s where the problem begins, ladies and gentlemen.

A little trip down the memory lane, first: Next Week’s Game Of Thrones Script Leaked As HBO Gets Hacked Again

Now what does this say to you? What strikes you mind?

As an average Joe, you do what you do best when an episode leaks. YOU WATCH IT, because why pay for HotStar?

So, let’s trace back a little, join some pieces and see how we have become embroiled in this stupid cyber rebellion and analyze things step by step.

I’m gonna trace an entire process, starting from the ideology of a hacker and link it back to how it affects us. So, let’s get this party stared:

Now, I might get flak for using “hackers” an umbrella term because it’s the terminology of the word “crackers” which signifies individuals who “break stuff” and it’s the hackers who are labeled as “innovators” and “makers”. But for the general audience, let’s call them “hackers” and be a bit simplistic.

A hacker with a definitive skill-set is usually borderline cocky. He might not want to be known but he wants his work to be recognized. The more complex the firewall, the more fun it is to break it. It’s like solving a complex puzzle and flaunting it.

Cyber Rebellion

Even if that’s not the case, another possible intention is the idea of their apparent cyber rebellion, where they feel their whiny asses are entitled to free stuff on the internet and they somehow have the right to breach all laws in the name of establishing a free market.

Now this has 2 major consequences:

#1. It highlights the superiority of their misguided ideals and puts the hacked companies in an economically jeopardized position.

And #2. It affects us and turns us into entitled assholes who subconsciously promote cyber theft.

The 1st consequence is pretty much self explanatory from the prologue and my analysis of it.

The 2nd point was mentioned earlier in this article and now I’m going to analyze it, elucidating the vicious circle which is created by this moronic cyber rebellion and its consequences on the mass consumers.

Our initial reaction is to find the link of the leaked episode and enjoy it, regardless of what happens to the losses incurred by the producers. When we exhibit our appreciation for the leaked work, it acts as fuel and an added incentive to the hackers to go on and out-do themselves and perhaps leak more stuff.

What do you think happened during “The Fappening”? For those who still watch Pogo, The Fappening was the event when celebrity phones were hacked and explicit/nude pictures of celebrities were leaked online in bulk.

We enjoyed it all too well, didn’t we? And that’s what motivates hackers and crackers to go a step further and keep doing what they do best, i.e., breach our privacy and make us as mass consumers of visual entertainment feel entitled to free stuff.

And that’s how the vicious circle is completed. A moronic idea of a cyber rebellion inculcating an ideology where the consumer feels cheated and robbed, leading them to believe that they shouldn’t be charged for anything, be it an episode of Game Of Thrones or Scarlett Johansson’s naked pictures which she wanted to send to her husband.

I don’t wish to lecture you to pay for HotStar or Netflix but that’s something I should do so that I can hope to instill a sense of non-entitlement and appreciation for the hard work that any channel or TV show puts in to entertain us.

Folks, appreciate art but have the balls to pay for the art. Goes for you, me and everyone reading this article.

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