Stereotypes Shouldn’t Offend You Because Let’s Face It.. They’re Probably True

This article and its content might offend you but then again, doesn’t something or the other (in terms of stereotypes) always offend somebody in the onset of life and isn’t that how dumb millennials roll?

They get offended and then they tweet about it. Heh. So bad-ass.

This whole concept of stereotyping arises from some notions of the society and is inculcated in our lives as a medium of humor and casual mockery because, at some existential level, THESE STEREOTYPES ARE TRUE.

Don’t believe me, yet? Keep reading.

I’m gonna go ahead and analyze (ANALYZE AND NOT PROVE) that why dumb blondes are called dumb blondes, why bimbos are called bimbos, why feminists of this generation are often regarded as vehement idiots, why Indian men are bad with women and why calling someone fat and lousy isn’t exactly body-shaming.

One always needs to understand that being an outright exception in a scenario of certain stereotypes is obviously good for the individual.

But then again, getting offended about the same to an extent that it escalates into an unnecessary altercation is utterly idiotic.

Let’s look at the most common stereotype about Indian men being bad with women.

Now I have written a whole article about this which you can check here but let’s condense the information, here.

Sure, the millennial generation is making some amends to the damage done by this image but what about the majority folks? 7/10 people that I know are under-confident and/or awkward around women.

And this is nothing to be ashamed of, if you ask me. Not everybody is blessed with a game like Barney Stinson and instead of being a butt-hurt when someone mocks you, own up to your shit and make amends and rather, MAKE AN EFFORT TO BE BETTER.

Next up, let’s tackle the issue of the “dumb blondes” stereotype.

Stereotypes blondes

This has been a phenomenon in contemporary pop culture because the majority of white blonde women are often considered as beautiful, which further means that they can rely more on their looks and less on their talent.

The claim, although baseless in its own regard has been exemplified by people like Paris Hilton, Pamela Anderson, Jessica Simpson and a lot of other celebs which has made this stereotype even more popular and add that to the fact that you don’t see a lot of blondes associated with corporate giants or making a name in the education sector and it does stand true in its own regard, as well.

Coming back to India and facing similar stereotypes such as the North Indian population being comparatively more aggressive than their South Indian counterparts and all that hoopla, there has been a truckload of evidence to support that claim given the number of fist fights and bar brawls are reported everyday in cities like New Delhi.

The very fact that these stereotypes even hold any significant regard in the modern culture is the validation of the fact there are enough incidents to support that claim.

On an idealistic level, be it the stereotypes about the 3rd wave feminists being dumb or referring to a fat guy as a fat guy being considered as body shaming, we need to calm the F down and ask ourselves that why do we actually get angry about this stuff.


Highlighting the double standards of the society, the ever-so-magnanimous 3rd wave feminists are often cool with body shaming men, calling them fat and lousy buy are often offended when someone else calls them that?

Like, for real? Are you actually diversifying sexism and further validating that your concept of feminism is flawed?

Questions like these are the kind which people often don’t ask and don’t introspect about.

Quit being a butt-hurt, start analyzing and be a better version of yourself. Period.

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