ED Attends Start-Up India – The Initiative That Can Produce The Next Apple, Facebook, Google From India

On the chilly winter morning of 16th of January, 2016, The Govt. of India launched, what many saw as a great leap forward, Start-Up India – a multi-directional initiative for budding entrepreneurs in a country where minds are always at creative wars with themselves!


Our Youth Blog, ED, was graced with the opportunity to be invited amongst the few lot of innovative minds. It began with an opening speech by humble members of the government and esteemed ones who specially flew down from the Silicon Valley, plus some very popular, successful entrepreneurs from India and the world, to inspire and guide those starting ventures into this big bad world. Even better was, when they had already worked on what the bottlenecks companies had been facing in India all along. They know their job and they had done their homework well, not just in talks, but in real action, like reducing a 22 page form to a ONE page form!

A few speeches and consults later, finally PM Modi arrived promptly before time, not that we are very pro-political but man he has super-kickass oratory skills *Ears be drooling*. 

Proof of that? Well we remember his famous dialogue from that evening which goes like – “Aaj Shaniwar hai, 6 baj rahe hai, aur hum sarkar ke log hai sab aapke saamne kaam kar rahe hai. Agar koi pooche ki kya badlaaw aaya hai toh kehna yeh badlaaw aaya hai! “, to this the crowd went berserk and couldn’t stop clapping and beating their tables!


Great moments were made when Secretaries of 10 government ministries were lined up on a panel in front of us, only to answer our queries and problems. Which democracy has had that ever! Even the great founders like that of Uber – Travis Kalanick – acknowledged that.

Modi definitely seems to be doing quite a lot of good for India and the start-up guys. First off there was the 10,000 crore budget announcement followed by a mind-boggling no-tax payment for registered start-ups for the first three years of initiation.

Modi was there before the time given in the schedule, and that is something we all noted and appreciated.

We are hoping that this great initiative of Startup India creates some awesome organisations out of India, maybe even bigger and better than Apple and Google!

Good luck to all of us!

Picture And Video Credits – ED Co-founder


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