St. Stephen’s College Model United Nations Conference


By- Aishwarya Arora

Planning Forum of St. Stephen’s College is proud to announce the 9th edition of St. Stephen’s College Model United Nations Conference, one of the most awaited events of the year, which is to be held from 27-29 January 2017.

St. Stephen’s College Model United Nations Conference

Mr. Shivshankar Menon, a leading diplomat and a distinguished fellow in foreign policy, has kindly consented to serve as the Honorary Secretary General for the conference.

Under the aegis of extremely competent and resourceful Executive Board, and top notch Delegate facilities, we aim to provide a fertile and utmost comfortable ground for all to unleash their diplomacy and hone their debating and well as negotiation skills to the level of sheer excellence.

An attractive sum of prize money will be awarded to the winners as a token of appreciation.

The conference is simulating five committees. The first United Nations General Assembly(UNGA) committee is ECOSOC ( United Nations Economic and Social Council) with the agenda being “Rise of Economic Nationalism: Challenges and the way ahead”.

The second UNGA committee is the Social Humanitarian and Cultural Committee (SOCHUM) deliberating on the issue of “Human Rights of Prisoners”.

The Cuban Cabinet is the third of them, discussing the “Capitalising on changing Political trends”.

The fourth committee is the States Reorganisation Commission dealing with the tedious task of “Reorganising the State boundaries of Indian States Circa 1953”. Lastly, the fifth committee is the Ad Hoc committee, challenging the delegates to deal with an agenda at hand.

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