Things People Smuggle And Their Bizarre Attempts At Getting Caught

By Kabir Chaudhary

“Smuggle” or “Smuggling”, these are terms which all of us are familiar with. According to, it means ‘to move goods illegally into or out of a country’.

Let’s see how some people have made bizarre attempts to smuggle things and have got caught red-handed:

From America With Turtles

Last year, a Canadian student tried to smuggle 51 turtles out of the States through the US-Canada State border. When Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) intercepted him, he was found with 41 turtles strapped to his legs and 10 other hidden between his legs (One can only imagine why he instantly surrendered!).

Booze Thirsty Man


Apparently it is not so easy to smuggle booze inside Saudi Arabia. A man attempted to sneak in bottles of booze inside the country by hiding it in his trouser. He used traditional white robe to conceal it but thanks to the ‘Eagle Vision’ of the Saudi authorities, he was caught. The guy must be facing a really, really, long jail term or maybe stoned because that’s how the Saudis roll.

Pigeon Pants

Liar Liar pants on fire. Well, his pants were not on fire instead two live pigeons were in it. Again the ‘Eagle Vision’ of the officials noticed the suspicious walking style of the person and caught the smuggler. Apart from that, he also had two bird’s eggs in his luggage. Maybe he wanted to jumpstart the old messaging service.

 The Catapult For Drugs

The Mexican cartel has time and again found out new and innovative ways to smuggle drugs. This time, they used a makeshift catapult to throw the drugs across the US-Mexico border. Even though they were caught by the Mexican authorities, they managed to send across 45 pounds of marijuana.

Holy Narcotics

When a man tried to smuggle liquid ketamine from Canada, he tried to fool the authorities by saying that it was just ‘Holy Water’. But thanks to the K9 unit whose sniffer dogs helped the customs officials discover the truth. Now he is preaching in maximum security ‘church’.

Plaster Of Cocaine

A 66-year old Chilean man broke his leg in order to smuggle cocaine into the country. He especially made the cast of cocaine. He wouldn’t have been caught if his luggage was left unchecked.

Monkeys In His Undies

Apparently when the man coming from Thailand was caught bringing rare orchids and 3 birds by customs in Los Angeles, he also confessed to keeping 2 pygmy monkeys in his underwear. So PETA, track him down and finish him. (*not literally*)

Baby Tiger

Why? Why would someone smuggle a cute tiger cub? A Thai woman kept stuffed tiger next to the cub thinking that it would fool the X-ray vision. She denied this act, saying she had no knowledge about this.

All we have for you are these slow claps. Take them, mate!

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