For The Love Of Stargazing – Sky Map App – We Liv’ED It

Ever marvelled at the infinitude and beauty of the night sky? Standing under the moon lit sky and gazing at the stars, feeling lost and found, at the same time? Seeking answers, especially on an exam night? (Well, that escalated quickly!)

Stargazing is beautiful, evoking a sense of contentment. It is for people with a sense of wonder. Enter TECHNOLOGY. With all the pin-pointing and fighting over the name of a little sparkle in the sky, here is an app that maps the stars for you. It is like a planetarium in your hand and yes, some extra cash (that you saved by not going all the way there). It is called SKY MAP, and you NEED IT in your life, like right now.

It is, probably, the easiest app you will ever use.

Find it on Play Store/ App Store and download it on your phone and let the stargazing begin.


Find a star

Point it towards a brilliant little dot in the sky and it will name it for you or you could search for a star/ planet and it will guide you all the way there.

IMG_8446 IMG_8445

Map the constellations you never could find 

It’ll also help you map the various constellations in the sky (blame the pollution if you don’t see all of them).


Freak out over the rotation of the Earth

You can keep a track of the rotation of Earth with the constellation and the stars spanning the entire horizon, over a night. Such beauty! Or also, see the sun slowing make its make through the horizon every morning.


Track your location

Lost at sea? It will also provide your exact latitudinal and longitudinal measure.


A free compass never hurt nobody

If you are bad at directions, this will be your compass.


Aaaahhh yes, the sun

And yes, this gets me really worked up. Point your phone on the ground at night, and it will show the location of sun. (Hint: the rotation of the Earth means day for one half and night for the other) Isn’t that cool?


For all the help it provides you with, the app is not a 100% accurate and well, we can live with that. The universe is huge and our knowledge of it: limited. Just a negative which is overshadowed by the positives!

Criterion Rating (Out of 5)
Concept 5
Ease Of Use 5
Features 4.5

As of now, you can spot Jupiter in Leo. Go ahead peeps, give it a try. You will NOT regret this little wonder.


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