Sick To See Such Literate Men Supporting Triple Talaq

It’s the 21st century, women are emerging victors in every field, reaching new heights etc. –just things we hear every day and pay attention only when we want to but the grim reality is that women are more or less at the junction where they were years back.

No real development and no real support have been rendered out to them. The progress made by women is solely credited to their individual efforts.

But the case of Triple Talaq has put the ‘women-need-to-be-independent’ clause into a whole new perspective.

The Triple Talaq case has several road blocks and ironically the two major ones are politicians and literate men.

triple talaq

Just a political agenda

For the longest time political parties have abstained from commenting on the issue because their dear vote banks will suffer. Congress that is quicker than lighting in criticizing Central government has kept mum because the ghosts of Shah Bano case still haunt them.

Ghulam Nabi Azad says, Triple Talaq is RSS’ making and BJP is using it as a weapon to create divide. All other parties are singing the same tune.

To our dearest politicians let me make this very clear, what vote bank? Abolishing Triple Talaq received impetus after Muslim women signed petition and walked the road to court. I doubt they will continue voting for such parties if the cause is not well supported. If they do support then they lose the hard liners. In any case they lose a major chunk of their voters so they might as well help the needy.

Blaming the Centre is plain STUPID. Although the government played smart and kept itself out of the fiasco until it became inevitable for them to fight it out in the court.

triple talaq

It is the men resisting change

Changes are rarely welcomed and we are talking about changing religious belief. We Indians are passionate about three things-marriage, cricket and religion. So yes there will always be a section of people resisting change.

But what stands out in this case is that people resisting change have never been on the receiving end of the ordeal. Pick up any news channel talking about triple talaq and you will see men bashing the government for taking a stand and women who have gone to court. Do you see women?

Equally astonishing is the fact that most men who talk about how triple talaq is ‘necessary’ and not a taboo are hardliners heading Islamic institutions. Educated men resisting change, Shame is the word that comes to mind when you see them.

Uniform Civil Code has been accepted by Muslims in various countries. Call it need of the hour or government’s weapon to create divide or Zeus’ Thunderbolt but Triple talaq needs to go and needs to go now.

When Muslim women have put their foot down and declared their stand nobody else has the power to make the decision for them. Let them Live and flourish.

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