SexED: Nude Indeed Is The New Normal- London Getting Its First Nude Restaurant

Getting out of your comfort zone is one thing and staring at the Grand Canyon of discomfort is another.

I mean, food porn was okay but shit has just got real!

London is getting its first clothing-optional pop-up restaurant in June that invites the public to disrobe themselves and eat in true liberation.

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No, don’t worry, it’s not mandatory. The Bunyadi will be split into pure naked and clothed sections where you’ll be asked to change into a gown and it’s your choice whether or not to keep it on.

The pop-up is a brainchild of Lollipop that patronages the unfettered cavemen lifestyle and wishes to give the diners an unadulterated experience free of the chemicals, electricity, gas and bondages of everyday life, even clothes! (Yeah well, that escalated quickly.)

So, you can happily tick dining nude in public off your fantasy list!

Reality Check: Peaceful ambience and liberation, all sounds great (though, I am liberated at the very sight of pizza and burrito on my table) but on a very practical note, how creepy and cringeworthy it would be to see strangers walking around naked.

I mean, I would personally love my plate of bacon without a side of sausage.

While being nude is one of those things that you reserve for someone real close, seeing waiters prancing about nude and naked people chatter over food is a rather disturbing visual. Not considering the rancid-smelling ones yet.


I know naked people are still people but how about the idea of sitting bare-assed on public seating?

Also, it might become the ideal chilling place for perverts gawking and ogling around. Then things won’t take time to go from au naturel to booty call.

Anyway, we’re in a crazy century where new has no definition and limitations.

However, sticking to the idea of peaceful eating devoid of phone and lights in a minimalistic environment will be refreshing and rejuvenating.

Though hell would break loose if a nude restaurant were to open in India!

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You know what I mean.

P.s. : Klutzy people better steer clear of hot soup!

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