SexED: Corn Flakes Were Invented To Prevent Masturbation

Corn flakes are considered to be the most family-friendly way to start the day – but it’s been revealed that Mr. Kellogg invented corn flakes for something more than breakfast.

Corn flakes weren’t invented as diet food after all.

It turns out it was all about SEX.

Yes, you read it right.

According to Mr. Kellogg’s books and write-ups, corn flakes were basically invented as a cure for masturbation.  It was John Harvey Kellogg’s desperate attempt to “stop the descent of humanity into debauchery”.

Funnily enough, I came to know about it while having a bowl of corn flakes myself. As I had this one more spoon full of corn flakes, I almost fell nauseous.

Digging deep enough (pun intended) I came to know for a fact that its actually true. Corn flakes were in fact actually invented to prevent the “not so civilised” people of that era from the allegedly heinous act of masturbation!

After all it’s better to rape or force yourself on others than pleasuring yourself, right?

John Harvey Kellogg, who first created the cereal in the late 19th century, originally intended it to be a ‘healthy, ready-to-eat anti-masturbatory morning meal’.

The man behind the invention of corn flakes.
The man behind the invention of corn flakes.

In his book called Plain Facts for Old and Young: Embracing the Natural History and Hygiene of Organic Life, he described 39 different symptoms which he said were caused by masturbation! Woah there, kind sir! You deserve a salute, from all the right body parts for all the not-so-right reasons.

Well, it is because of this dislike of Mr. Kellogg towards masturbation and sex and everything revolving around it that he thought of inventing a plain, bland of a cereal which would curb people’s sexual desires. He was so anti-sex that he never consummated his marriage and had adopted all his children.

Basically, Mr. Kellogg is just one of the people from the entire oldie generation that we have that consider anything and everything revolving around sex a taboo. According to this generation, sex is something bad and masturbation is even worse.

How to identify such people? Just ask them how you came into this world and watch them tell you stories about angels and pharaohs and how you’re a god’s blessing. Then subtly mention “sex” in front of them and watch them disown you!

Coming back to the bowl of Kellogg’s cereal which you thought was invented as a diet food, well now you know what Sir Kellogg had in mind.

In fact, being a physician he had conducted all tests and experiments to be doubly sure that bland food such as corn flakes does have an impact over a person’s sexual desires.

It's diet food, they said. It's healthy and beneficial for your body, they also said.
It’s diet food, they said. It’s healthy and beneficial for your body, they also said.

Raise your hand if you’re gonna need a change in your breakfast meal!

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