Say Hello To Driverless Cars: Self-Driving Car Tested In Public In UK

So long sitting on the driver’s seat, changing gears and worrying about cars passing us by! Let us finally welcome self-driving cars into our world. Because they are on their way!

News about driverless cars being tested on the roads of UK caught attention back in spring of ’16 but they have now officially been tested on the roads of Milton Keyens, UK.

The idea of testing the car in public was to generate a sense of trust amongst the people about these automatically driven cars that would soon enough be launch for ordinary people as well.

A self-driving car being tested in public in Milton Keynes

The test results are yet to be disclosed but it’s a no-brainer that we are finally stepping into the future, we once excitingly wondered as kids. I mean just take a look around, from the tiniest of home appliances to our ever addictive smartphones.

I remember watching Back to the Future II and gawking at Marty’s hoverboard, wishing if something like that would ever come around in future and bam! It seriously did.

Google’s self-driving car

And now this, Driverless Cars. So let me brief you out on this.

The concept of driverless cars runs on an extensive mix of technologies which not only employs a virtual map of the city and its roads but also smart sensing systems that will be able to provide us with adaptive cruise control, lane assist and self-parking.

The cars will obviously have automatic emergency braking and steering alongside smartphone controlled self-parking too. There you go! Parking your car through smartphones?

In the words of Chandler Bing: Could these cars be any more amazing?!

The answer to that would be BIG FAT YES.

While the car tested in UK is a product lying in between the range of assisted driving and partial autonomy, there would be more cars in future which will employ the complete autonomy aspect. The completely autonomous car can dodge hazards, judge the actions of other road users and make proper ethical decisions on road if the situation demands for it.

Yes, we all should.

It might still be a little while before most of us finally land our hands on one of these self-driving babies but it could sure be inferred that the speed of progression towards this ‘once dreamt of’ future is only on the rise.

Welcoming the new change, let’s see what more does this future brings for us.

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