Salute Siachen: Celebrity Expedition To Siachen Announced By Eros Now

Amidst everything we hear of what the Indian Army did for the country, we do not even get to know the hardships they had to face to ensure the safety of civilians. And many a times, their efforts are not even recognized. It is because of the army that we sleep in our houses peacefully, while they bear the brunt of our neighbours at places like Siachen where it is immensely difficult to survive.


Siachen Glass House, Source: Google

Keeping this in mind, Eros Now, the over-the-top (OTT) platform from Eros International has announced a celebrity expedition to Siachen Glacier to celebrate 35 years of the first journey made to Siachen by the Indian Army in 1981.

Eros Digital CEO Rishika Lulla Singh said, “We have gathered a team of notable individuals who have come on board in support of this mission to Siachen and become ambassadors in expressing the nation’s gratitude towards the valour of these brave soldiers.”

Zulfiqar Khan, Business Head, Eros Now, added: ‘Salute Siachen’ is Eros Now’s landmark initiative, getting together much-loved faces from the world of Bollywood, Television and Sports, to traverse the icy frontiers of the Siachen Glacier, giving the world a glimpse into the lives of our real heroes at Siachen. This epic journey will be documented by the adventurers and showcased on Eros Now.”


The list of people who will carry out the expedition boasts of famous names from all spheres of professions. Nine adventurers including Bollywood actor Arjun Rampal, cricketer Rudra Pratap (RP) Singh, and hockey player Yuvraj Walmiki will tread on a 20-day expedition which will commence on 15th August, the Independence Day from Leh with a five-day trek to Stok Kangri Base Camp, and end at Kumar Post from Siachen Base Camp, named after Colonel Narendra ‘Bull’ Kumar, who was the first person to scale Siachen and to plant India’s flag on the uncharted Glacier in 1981.

Colonel Narendra Kumar was delighted to hear of this effort by Eros Now, to commemorate the hard work of soldiers and said, “Of all my exploits in the mountains, this was the most pivotal one for me,” he said. “Thirty-five years later, I am very happy that civilians from all walks of life are going to Siachen to see for themselves the hardships our soldiers are undergoing there, and to show them that their efforts are being appreciated by a grateful nation.”

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The announcement by Eros Now

Rigorous training has been given to the celebrity participants to prepare them for the arduous journey. More soldiers have died in Siachen not from combat, but having lost to the harsh weather.

At this moment, all that we hope for is that the expedition attains success and applaud . Now that famous faces will be involved in it, we might understand the conditions that our soldiers have to fight in.


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