Rishi And Neetu Kapoor Endorse Something Our Generation Is Afraid Of

Simi Garewal and interviews are like Miley Cyrus and controversies, you just cannot keep them apart for long. I came across one such recent interview with Rishi and Neetu Kapoor acting as the guests.

In the wake of multiple famous divorces such as Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie or even Hrithik Roshan and Suzanne Roshan, it’s incredible that a couple just as messed up as them is still going strong despite their older age.

Their family troubles are constant topics of public discussion. One of the more popular ones is how indifferent a father Rishi Kapoor is to Ranbir Kapoor.


Let’s face it, Rishi Kapoor is not exactly father of the year (shocker). He has his faults but at least he’s not afraid to admit them. He described how the relationship felt to him in the interview.

“There’s a wall between us. There’s a glass between us. We can see each other but not feel anything. I had a fear of my father. I was in awe of him. I had great respect for him. It took him a long time to say ‘have a drink in front of me’. I used to call him ‘sahab’.”

“But I feel like a loser, I’ve missed out. But I haven’t done it deliberately, it is just a very natural phenomenon. Now that we don’t live under one roof, there’s more communication. He (Ranbir Kapoor) talks to his mother more than me. But I don’t think Ranbir will be a father like me,” he continued.

Their dysfunctional father-son relationship is as clear as day. Not to mention the fact that the two barely talk to each other in the absence of Neetu Kapoor.

“Romance is not just about candlelight dinners and going out and all that. Romance is more about togetherness and how you go on, nurture children and all. I think that’s more romantic than dilwale dulhania le jayenge,” Neetu Kapoor said later in the interview.

What a perfect way to describe a marriage. It’s not always a bed full of roses. Some days you have to persevere, but on other days you might thank your lucky stars that you did.

Despite how their life is regularly portrayed in the media, it is not all doom and gloom as it is shown. Yes, they have major problems. But in all honesty, which family does not?

But unlike a lot of families, they do not give up just because of them. And in an age where divorce is so common, to have the courage to keep going despite the hurdles is what people should learn from them.

I’m not saying divorces or forced emancipation is not right. It’s all up to you what you want to do with your lives and who you want to spend it with. But in some cases, just one more attempt to make things right is all that might have been needed for a shot at happiness.

An example that families don’t necessarily need to fall apart, they make you want to cheer for them, their future and their own family.

Here’s the whole interview:

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