Rise Of Sundar Pichai, CEO Google

The American Multinational Technology, Google announced its next CEO Sundar Pichai after Larry Page on 10th August,2014. What caught the eyeballs is that he is an  Indian American!
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With Google running into many problems, Sundar Pichai, the designated CEO comes as a blessing in disguise. Pichai Sundararajan was born in Madras and is a technology executive, a product chief at Google Inc.  Pichai earned his degree from IIT Kharagpur in Metallurgical Engineering. He holds an MS from Stanford University in Material Sciences and Engineering and an MBA from Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.
Now that he is the designated CEO of Google, I would like to throw light upon the reasons for his elevation :
After acquiring work experience from Applied Materials and Mckinsey, Sundar joined Google in 2004 as the Vice President of product management base. Sundar started working on the operating system and browser and came up with Chrome.
Pichai knew the way, he went that way and he showed the way.
His innovations for Google helped him to create an identity for himself. He joined as follower to become a leader!
1. Creation Of Chrome: With Google facing a tough competition from Microsoft, there was an urgent need to capture the market by introducing something that could gather a strong follower base.
He was successful in translating a vision into reality!
Soon Chrome was topping the numbers of dominant web browsers and Microsoft’s threat was easily waived off!
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Pichai started coming into the notice of Google execs.
2. Android Head: Having introduced the Chrome operating system for notebooks and desktop computers, Pichai still had the urge to see the light and feel the heat and so he overtook supervision of Android in March 2013 after Andy Rubin. In Jan 2014, Samsung had come up with a new software namely Magazine UX which required Android users to learn an entirely different style of operating things. Sundar went on to do some “sundar” conversations with Samsung forcing them to pull back their initiative of Magazine UX.
His tactics were coming to notice and thus he became a yardstick of quality for Google!
For Google, difficult times lead to better days under Sundar Pichai and thus he gained respect and responsibility at an increasing rate.
3. Sundar As A Person: In a recent Quora post, when asked “what is Sundar Pichai like in person?” , the answer was, ” Sundar thinks and talks fast, Sundar gets and passionately pursues a vision of the future that is crowd based, mobile, multi device and infinitely connected.”
Who would ever rethink on the decision of appointing a man with such credentials and eligibility as the CEO of Google?
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Now bringing into notice the most intriguing news of his elevation in Google which has been colouring social media for long is:
4. Twitter Offering Him CEO: And it was heard on the grapevine that Twitter offered Pichai the CEO job and thus Google had to tackle this well by designating him as their CEO!! 
“10 bucks they made this move to keep Sundar from being Twitter CEO”



Whatever the case may be, rumours or facts, Sundar Pichai now stands on the designated post of the CEO of Google Inc. An Indian has outshone brilliance so lets just jump on the bandwagon and wish for Pichai’s success as the new CEO of Google!


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