Right-Wing Radicals Stage Fake ISIS Terror Attack In Prague, Scare Tourists

Forget real terrorists, we now need to fear about people pretending to be one: Fake attack staged in Prague. 

A group of right-wing Czech radicals staged a fake Islamist attack in the city of Prague earlier this week. Martin Konvicka, the event organizer and a prominent figure in the world of Islam opponents, had disguised himself as a member of ISIS and mounted himself on a camel. The so-called demonstration featured everything from fake weapons to chants of “Allahu Akbar” –  God, is Great.

From a video that was recorded at the event, a group of men with long beards making their way to a place in the Old Town could be seen. The men then aimed their guns in the air and fired their weapons.

The police rushed to the scene and intervened with the demonstration in the Old Town threatened by the possibility of a stampede among the tourists and pedestrians.

Anti-Islam protest in Prague's Old Town
Anti-Islam protest in Prague’s Old Town.  Source: Twitter

Perhaps the most embarrassing part of the whole ordeal was the fact that their leader rode a camel. Where the hell does one even acquire a camel in Prague in the first place? I suppose Amazon truly sells everything or that there is an underground camel-trading black market that I am completely oblivious to. Actually, that sounds really fun. I should look into that.

Some supporters of Martin Konvicka and his vile, xenophobic group that reportedly has thousands of members in Prague tried to defend his actions and called the demonstration controversial yet lawful. Last time I checked, pretending to commit an act of terror isn’t anywhere close to being within the boundaries of the law.

The simulated attack caused a panic among the people at the square and the tourists promptly turned around and started running away due to fears of an imminent threat and possibly a stampede. Thankfully, no was hurt or injured.

Personally, I think this “theatrical performance” was nothing but a shameless stunt by bunch of completely ridiculous cretins of society who were vying for attention and decided to organize a child-like simulation of ISIS. The situation could have been a lot worse had someone with a gun fired real shots at these brainless “protestors” in self-defence, considering that Czech Republic is one of the few countries in Europe where self-defence is a valid argument for possession and the use of a firearm.

The police are currently investigating the situation and deliberating the charges for committing a fake terrorist attack.

If members of Martin Konvicka’s stupid organization really want to attract attention to their so-called cause, I am sure that there are better and saner ways of opening a public dialogue. But what do I know; I don’t hate all Muslim people with a passion.

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