Rickstaverse: Instagram’s First Game Ever: We Liv’ED It

In one of a kind advertising tactic, Adult Swim has created an ‘Instagram Game- Rickstaverse’ for the Rick and Morty Season 2 promotions. The cartoon which started airing on 26th July 2015 launched the game to let the fans know the worlds and characters of season 2 (with some special hidden clips of this season).

Not a run-of-the-mill game, Rickstaverse uses Insta’s speciality, photos and tagging to take the gamers ahead through 25 levels. A vast web of hundreds of pictures and accounts connected by tagging, Rickstaverse is not the routine game.

We at ED, played Rickstaverse, to see how fun or lame it was. Turns out it is actually way too interesting. Setting on this ‘InstaHunt’, we found many collectibles, Easter eggs, mini comics and …



Liv’ED It

The Instagram Account to play the game is – https://instagram.com/rickandmortyrickstaverse/

Screenshot_2015-07-29-21-32-21      Screenshot_2015-07-29-22-09-10

A jigsaw puzzle of individual image squares grabs your attention in seconds and looks great. (Thinking of making your Instagram account look like a jigsaw puzzle, because this thought surely did cross my mind).


How the Game Progresses –

  1. Open the photo to find a tagged account. The Tag takes you to the galactic place.

We took a tour of the GAZORPAZORP!!

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  1. And you enter the treasure hunt, with the agenda of finding the hidden collectibles and worlds.

Some collectibles and world we stumbled on.

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We kept on touring different worlds, unlocking levels using tagged accounts to end our hunt for a while, when the special Sneak Peek video came across our way. It is just as if someone declared you the winner of the game. Because the aim of the game, if you come to think of it was to advertise Season 2 with these special videos. And we found them.



For the Season 2 Sneak Peek- https://instagram.com/p/5lYO7sJvLp/

Play this game and tell us which is your favourite Alien: Bangbox, Jerrygotchi, N33dful Th1ng OR Morty Tracts etc.



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