Reasons Why Donald Trump Will Sell In India

Donald Trump (as defined by his own website) is the very definition of American success story. He’s also standing as presidential candidate. Now we cannot predict what would be his result in the presidential elections of the U.S.A, but we can tell that if this man ever stepped on the soil of India, running for president/PM, we’d push a tiger after him to make him run faster…and win the election.

Basically he’d really impress the Indian voters.

Here’s why:

1) He shares our country’s love for our neighbouring countries


But doesn’t let their useless “concepts” interfere in our development.

2) Atithi Devo Bhava is his motto


Yaa he’s chill with the whole tourism thing. Let’s not step onto the immigration area though.

3) He’s well-educated


He doesn’t mention his achievements much, though.

4) He believes in gender equality


It’s about time we started viewing women as something more than objects of sex.

5) He is motivating, without being condescending


Motivating you to be like him, cause he is awesome.

6) He is smart but doesn’t show it


You only realise it once in a while when he gives his witty responses showing his smartness subtly.

7) And he doesn’t mix his personal life with politics


He mixes his competitor’s instead.

8) He’s not racist


9) Not even a bit racist


You gotta learn equality from this man.

10) He lets his work speak, and doesn’t throw statements in the air


Now with all the show-off Presidents our country has, we’d certainly like to change to a humble leader. Who needs Sir APJ Kalam after all. ;) :p

We can only wish he were running for the President and PM of India though.


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