Reasons why we love Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai!!

  1. Roshesh’s Poems:I am writing two out of the numerous weirdly funny poems written by the momma’s boy:
    a)momma ka purse
    jaise hospital ki pyari koi nurse
    usmain rakha napkin karta hai paseene ka ilaaj
    aur lipstick jaise hoton ka anaj
    b) momma o momma
    tumne mujhe janam dia
    itna bada karam kia…
    Roshesh has a great deal of funny poems which Maya believes are out of the world. She’s the only one who treats Roshesh as an aspiring writer. Another hilarious poem is composed by Roshesh in the Kavi Sammelan (jelly ko banao pradhanmantri).
  2. Roshesh’s Crazy Roles: roshesh is an upcoming actor, he’s seen playing bizarre roles in the show that include role of an iron ( doosre ki silvate todh todh kar toot chuki hoon main), Rosesh as a milk can, role of a person whose body is possessed by the soul of a cabaret dancer, role as that of air, role of a fisherman etc. The roles adopted by Roshesh are one of a kind and are just amazing.
  3. Monisha’s Cooking: Monisha’s  cooking habits like feeding Sahil with masala rabdi, leather jacket roti’s, ketchup as a sabzi besides many others continues to astonish the audience and make them laugh. She once delivers empty lunch boxes to Sahil, due to her carelessness. The way she uses expired masalas, chai patti or khana shows how lazy and typically middle class she is (utilizing commodities to the fullest).
  4. Monisha’s Middle Class Habits: the techniques that Monisha uses to save money are bizarre. These include saving gift wrapping papers and reusing it, buying pens from kabadi wala, using Sahil’s vests as carry bags by stitching them from one end, using eatables even after their expiry date etc and this list goes on and on. We get more insight into Monisha’s miserly nature by the way Maya speaks about her daughter in law.
  5. Indu’s Sarcasm: the way Indravadan responds to every body’s comments on the show is amazing. His character is very well written and he is the wittiest on the show. The way he always taunts Roshesh is commendable. Indravadan’s jokes make everybody laugh their asses off.  Not to forget the practical jokes that Indravadan plays on the family members are very entertaining.
  6. Sahil’s Triple Role: Sahil’s maasi and Chanda rani are two other characters in the show who look exactly like Sahil. Sahil plays the role of the other too extremely well; it tickles me whenever I watch that episode. (These two appear only for one episode in the entire series of episodes.)
  7. Madhu Fufa’s”Hain”: one classic character in the show is Madhu fufa who is deaf and therefore cannot hear and understand what others are talking about. To everything he has one constant response “hain? “. The way he irritates everybody on the show is hilarious. He is someone who both Indravadan and Sahil dread being in contact with.
  8. Dushyant’s Engineering: Dushyant is Indravadan’s and Maya’s son in law who is crazy about fixing gadgets. When Dushyant meets anybody in the show he does not enquire about the well being of the person rather he asks about the functioning of the mixer, the fridge, the washing machine or the pressure cooker etc. It’s hilarious how he uses Rosesh as his working model to demonstrate how various appliances function and what is the fault that has occurred in the device.
  9. Songs Used In The Show (original as well as copied): the songs that play in the background are very well placed in the show, the sad song played when rabri falls on Baldev’s turban, popat kaka ki aatma ko swarg deeeee..oh sun parmatma, guzar gaye popat kaka…hichki lagi maut ki…jhatt se guzar gaye wohhhh..guzar gayeeeee Popat kaka etc are really funny also. Even the songs changed from original versions to funny ones in the antakshari episodes are also one of a kind.



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