Reasons I Desperately Want To Be Adopted By Addams Family

Creepy. Dark. Evil. Black. And Awesome.

No, I am not describing a cult or a horror movie, but I am talking about the beloved Addams Family. Now, I know it might seem like a very unusual choice to be want to be adopted by them, but think about it. They are the best freaking family in the world.

Also, the Addams Family is not really evil, they are just really different from the rest of the society and that is what is exaggerated through the franchise. All of them are good people when it comes to it.

I was introduced to the Addams Family when I was young girl and saw the 1992 cartoon show and then I saw the 1991 movie and that just cemented my love for this weird family. In my obsession I saw all the other movies from the Addams Family franchise, but I have to admit that my favourite remains the 1991 version and R.I.P. Raúl Juliá he truly was one great actor and one of my favourite Gomez Addams.

So, where was I … ahh, yes, so below are the top few reasons I want desperately to be adopted by the Addams Family:

  1. They are Extremely Loyal:

Yes, no matter how much of dark and creepy they might be, but when it comes to family they will do anything to protect them. The franchise perfectly understands the concept of accepting family as they are. Each is allowed to be what they want to  be. Also once an Addams, always an Addams.

  1. They are Never Afraid to be Themselves:

Be it the perfectly synchronized dancing of Mortacia and Gomez or Fester’s weird eccentricities or be it Wednesday’s cold, strangely graphic comebacks, they are never untrue to themselves. They always show exactly who they are and take pride in it.

  1. They Know How to Carry a Tune:

How can anyone forget the extremely catchy and hypnotizing theme song of the 1992 cartoon series. And the rooms and all the fun rides in their house. Love it.

  1. Morticia and Gomez are the Perfect Partners:

Yes…they are. Morticia and Gomez are the perfect example of an everlasting romance and marriage. They are also exceptional parents as they allow their children to be independent and think outside the box yet if they believe it is time, then they intervene as parents and teach their children the right thing to do. And to be honest, they are still as passionate about their love and marriage even after 3 kids and a long relationship.

  1. All The Adventures:

Its no secret that the Addams Family is always doing something or the other, they are always in motion. Just think of all the adventures I will get to be a part of if I’m in their family.

  1. Cousin It, Thing and Lurch:



They are not just supporting characters, they gave a certain life to an already awesome family. The missing links you could say.  I would love to be able to see them and talk to them. They seem like really cool and awesome people/ thing/ It. Helpful, clever and resourceful. I want that in family members.

7. They are Also Quite Feministic:

Yes, the Addams Family is very feminist in nature since we usually see Morticia having an equal if not more say in what’s happening and with Wednesday’s wittiness and independent nature they are all set with plenty of good strong female presence in the house.

I know this might make me seem delusional, but that will work in my favour only, since it will only make it more easy for me to get my place in the family. But even still, I might have missed out a few points and if truly this article would have a run a bit too long if I got down to all the little details.

But don’t hesitate to put your reasons for loving this perfectly adorable and creepy family in the comments.


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