I Am A Rajasthani And All These Stereotypes About Us Are Just Plain Wrong

By Kshitij Saxena

Stereotypes exist. No point denying it. Be as open minded and metro personality you can be, you’ll still find yourself forming some opinions purely on the basis on what you saw or heard, in a second, without any research involved. You simultaneously search for an outfit on 3 different sites. A little review never hurt anybody. Applicable for stereotyping too. You could have just asked one random person if ‘that thing’ was true or not.

So presenting you some fairly common perceptions you might have about the most colorful state of India: Rajasthan.


Contrary to every other “cool sa photography” page owner wants you to believe, no, not every Rajasthani sports a humongous mucchi on them.

Granted, mucchi’s are kind of ‘it’ right now, but the probability of you finding a mucchi on a layman in Rajasthan are rather bleak compared to finding one Ranveer Singh imposter.

Also, genetics! Not everyone has Zeus bless them with a flowing beard.  Science.  Pls.



C’mon. Ever seen a scenic photograph of Udaipur?  Or Jaipur?  THERE IS GIGANTIC WATER SOURCE IN THE MIDDLE.  IN THE MIDDLE.

Until of course you want to accidently turn blind at that exact moment you’ll pretty much spot it.  Kind of unmissable really. The amount of people who believe it’s ‘Registhan’ is absurd.

And it rains. Yes, I know, mind blown right? But it indeed does. Sometimes less than average, but it’s not like we’re living on Mars (which ICYDK, also has water. Get your facts straight!)



Now this is where I turn red. And no, not from the mirchi you indifferent being of a person subconsciously is picturing me eating, but from the amount of stupidity involved.

Mirchi burns.  Your mouth.  Your tongue.  God forbid your eyes.  So why, just why would you believe that we gobble up mirchi’s like rasgullas (which we actually do eat like possessed beings).

The point being some like it hot. Some don’t.  Everyone likes it sweet.  Which brings me to my next point.

Sweet Tooth

Tell me you have never heard of Bikaneri Rasgullas. I dare you!

Because why would you.  It’s not like that you totally are not reading this list because you are not some judgmental person who bases their facts on dumb stereotypical Bollywood flicks huh?

I’m sorry. Ate a mirchi shortwhile ago. Ussi ka gussa.

Coming back home, we’re pioneers in all things sweet.  Rasgullas, Ghevars, Khatti-Meethi namkeens, all things from the great havellies in our state.  “Padharo Mhaare Des” is our slogan and we literally shove the eloquent Cadbury  tagline  ‘Kuch Meetha Ho Jaaye’ into your mouth.  We take sweet things seriously damnit.



No no no no no. Just no. You have a friend who you call ‘Banna’. He always wears the royalist and fanciest things right? Absolutely he does. Because where did he get the idea from? The real Bannas.

If you think being the pinnacle of accounting and learning ‘pai-pai ka hisaab’ like alphabets is kanjoosi, I don’t want to be friends with you.

You’ll probably want to be my friend but excuse me over my Ray-Bans,  my 24K chains , and my Air-Max’s. You get the idea.

So I hope you would now have better idea about us and the state on the whole.

Seriously, not as harsh and boring you believe it to be.

P.S-I am a 2nd generation Rajasthani. You know, parents moved from UP to here and all, so I don’t really take that much of an offense to these stereotypes, but beware of the Bannas. Really. They have huge muscles. And mucchis. And Jeeps. Sunny paaji in Gadar + Mucchi basically.

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