QuoraED: What Would The Eleventh Season Of FRIENDS Be Like?

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FRIENDS, the American T.V. series ruled hearts. After watching and re-watching all the episodes, we’re always left with the question: *teary eyed* “WHY DID THIS SHOW END?!?” Midst this, even a little hope of a new season gets us excited.

Everyone's reaction on watching the last episode of FRIENDS!
Everyone’s reaction on watching the last episode of FRIENDS!

CALM DOWN! NO, there is no upcoming FRIENDS reunion or a new season. Although, we can always imagine what would a new season be like. One kind Quoran in fact, has made it easier for all the FRIENDS fanatics out there.

But what if this emotional scene wasn't the end of FRIENDS?
But what if this emotional scene wasn’t the end of FRIENDS?

Here, read on the best answer on Quora to what would the 11th season of FRIENDS be like:

1. The One with the Moving Back: It has been only one week and Monica and Chandler miss their old apartment so much that they are regretting their decision of moving to this new place. So, they decide to move back. And not just that, they even plan to buy their old apartment and not live there rent-free. After moving back, Chandler and Joey buy a new foosball table.

2. The One With the Parties: Joey and Chandler throw a bachelor party for Ross whereas Monica and Phoebe throw a bachelorette party for Rachel. But the ladies have fun without a stripper. Gunther is upset about the wedding and hence, he abuses Ross in Dutch language at the party so that he feels better, nobody understands and also the party isn’t affected.

3. The One With Rachel and Ross’s Wedding: Rachel planned her dream wedding just like what she always wanted it to be since her childhood.

4. The One With the job at Ralph Lauren: Rachel joins back at Ralph Lauren and promises Mr. Zelner that she would never leave the company and also give her best performance in every task assigned to her.

5. The One With the Pregnancy: Phoebe gets pregnant and this time she is really happy as she would get to keep the baby unlike last time. Monica and Rachel warn Mike about her mood swings just like the time when she gave birth to triplets.

6. The One Where Joey moves to Los Angeles: Joey gets a very big offer in his acting career but he doesn’t want to leave his friends and family at New York. He has many doubts that what if he doesn’t do well. Monica, Phoebe, Rachel, Ross and Chandler convince him that he should never give up such a golden opportunity. Finally Joey decides to move to Los Angeles. Everyone sees him off at the Newark airport.

7. The One Where the Bings walk: Erica and Jack Bing start walking for the first time. Monica starts acting like a crazy person, and calls up every damn person she knows to tell them about this happy news.

8. The One With the Scary Halloween Party: This Halloween party was at Ross and Rachel’s instead of being at Monica and Chandler’s. Everyone dresses up like some kind of ghosts. Phoebe experiences her first baby kick.

9. The One With Chandler’s Job: Chandler becomes the head of his department and becomes one of the Board Members of his Advertising Company because of his excellent performance.

10. The One With the First Birthday: It is Erica and Jack Bing’s first birthday. Monica makes the most delicious cake. Jack and Judy Geller come to the party too. Jack Geller does his magic trick for the kids.

11. The One With the Thanksgiving Dinner: This time, the Thanksgiving dinner is at Phoebe and Mike’s. Phoebe, after a really long time, makes the best oatmeal cookies.

12. The One With Phoebe’s Baby Shower: In this baby shower, Phoebe behaved properly unlike her last time. Even Alice Buffay, Phoebe Abbott and Ursula Buffay visit her.

13. The One With the Promotion: Ross gets promoted and becomes the Head of the division. So, instead of throwing a party, he takes everyone to California and they all surprise Joey.

14. The One With the Early Birth: Phoebe gives birth to a baby girl two weeks before the due date. She names her Sophie Hanigan.

15. The One With The Christmas: Phoebe, Mike, Rachel and Ross visit Monica and Chandler’s place for Christmas. Chandler dresses up like a Santa Claus for Emma Geller, Sophie Hanigan, Erica Bing and Jack Bing. Ross was asked not to dress up anything like Holiday Armadillo or Spudnik or dinosaur, etc.

16. The One With Ben’s Birthday: Carol and Susan invite everyone to their place for Ben’s birthday. Everyone makes it to the party except Rachel since she was on an official trip to Paris. But she does send an expensive gift for Ben.

17. The One with the Monica and Chandler’s Anniversary: It’s Monica and Chandler’s wedding anniversary. The couple goes to Vermont to celebrate while Judy and Jack Geller babysit the baby Bings. But unfortunately, their anniversary doesn’t turn out to be great because they meet Janice at Vermont who was staying in the same suite as theirs.

18. The One At the Sea: Jack Geller dies in this episode. Monica tells everyone about how her dad wanted to be buried at the sea, as shown in Season 1. They follow Jack Geller’s wish and bury him at the sea.

19. The One At the Coffeehouse: Joey comes back to the town for a couple of days and calls everyone to meet at the Coffeehouse. Everyone comes there and they all chat for a while. Then Joey offers food from his own plate to others. Everyone’s shocked since he never shared food. He finally spills the beans and says that he found his perfect woman, Alex and adds that he was already engaged to her. They all hug him and start asking where she was. Then Joey makes a call and Alex enters the coffeehouse.

20. The One With Joey’s Bachelor Party: Joey finally becomes a very matured person and asks Ross and Chandler not to bring a stripper for his bachelor party. They end up going to a Knicks Game.

21. The One With Joey and Alex’s Wedding: Joey and Alex’s wedding is at the same place where Monica and Chandler had their wedding. And this time again Rachel gets to know during the wedding that she was pregnant. But this time, she is really happy but doesn’t tell anyone because she didn’t want to steal Joey’s thunder. She tells everyone a few days after the wedding.

22. The One With Emma’s sibling: 9 months have passed, Rachel is in the hospital. She recalls how difficult it was the last time when she gave birth to Emma. But this time, it wasn’t that long. She finally gives birth to a beautiful baby girl. Ross and Rachel name her Ella. Emma looks pretty excited to see her younger sibling and is dancing around.

23. The One After the Leap: 15 years later, Ross and Rachel throw a Graduation party for Emma. All the kids have grown up. Looking at them, the six FRIENDS become nostalgic and they all become welled up.


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