QuoraED: What Do Pakistani Youth Think About India?

Kashmir humaara hai? No. Technically, this is not the thing that crosses the mind of Pakistani youth.

Quora gave that space to Pakistani youths and this is the answer we all got:

  1. The diversity

Almost every answer spoke of how India is rich in its ethnicity and cultures. Many Pakistanis find it remarkable that India is able to sustain such geographically diverse and distinct land, with different states that peacefully cohabit with each other under the larger umbrella and aegis of the country.

  1. Dhinchak Pooja

Who thought Dhinchak Pooja could not go international? It did and how! One even thanks Dhinchak Pooja from saving him die from an inferiority complex because he has found a worse singer than himself. Well then, we just pray that Pakistan does not play Selfie maine le li aaj to humiliate India at Wagah. Because we will HAVE TO accept defeat.

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  1. Hospitals treating Pakistani citizens

This is a profound point stated by one of the users. They thanked India for accepting Pakistani nationals in their hospitals. It is not old that Indian hospitals are pioneering in treating diseases and syndromes, and India falls as the hub for medical tourism in southeast Asia where people come from all the neighbouring countries.

  1. Bollywood!

Lollywood, the Pakistani film industry, stands nowhere near Bollywood in Pakistan. It is not just the movies that are big in Pakistan but also the fact that India hosts so many Pakistani singers and artists. Bollywood is definitely a lucrative choice for the neighbouring country.

  1. The Indian Economy

India can be a circus, but India is a growing economy too – one thing which Pakistanis admire about the country. It is actually amazing to observe that in the Partition, 2/3rd of the most fertile agricultural region of Indus basin went to Pakistan, yet they have not been able to gauge the same economic progress that India has since liberalization.


It’s not always Siachen or Kashmir in their minds, come on. Pakistanis do understand India on many terms, and even if all that ends, what will remain constant are Dhinchuks on both the sides.

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