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The biggest struggle of this generation is to achieve mental peace. Millenials all around are struggling with their mental health because they fail to manage their emotions.

And why not? With so much of unrest in our lives and the increasing competition; it takes a direct hit on our minds and leaves us bewildered.

Amidst all of the chaos in our heads, 85% of the issues arise due to unresolved emotional conflicts. Our education system teaches us a lot of things but one thing it fails to teach is emotional management.

I believe that managing our emotions is an essential art we all need to learn for a healthy living. We fail to realize that our unhealthy mental state is majorly due to a stagnant thought process.

We are so trapped by our past that it puts us in a stagnant mindset due to a negative thought process. One of the biggest problems encountered in young adults is their reluctancy to let go.

Why Is It Important To Let Go?

Often we find ourselves in situation where its hard to decide if one should hold on or let it go. Humans are social and emotional beings who have a tendency to get attached to things, people etc.

We are so misguided that we hold onto our negative emotions disguised as memories and are resistant in making efforts to drop it down. However, in such a situation we need to stop and introspect for a while.

I believe that sometimes holding onto something for long does more damage than letting go. Not giving up easily is a sign of emotional maturity but not giving up even when it is hurting is nothing but foolishness.

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Letting go brings a lot of suffering at first but is the healthiest thing to do in the long run. It unchains you from your past and opens door for a new beginning.

The Process Of Letting Go

In my opinion, the best way to let go of something is by acknowledging it in the first place. To attain emotional stability, you need to consider the following.

  1. Allow your emotions and face yourself

If you want to let go off something then first face it. Ponder, analyze and cry it out if you feel like. Don’t confine yourself because if you resist then it will persist. So take the lead and stop running from it. Talk to yourself, write down those feelings on a paper and then burn it.

  1. Keep yourself occupied

After you’ve cried enough and have encountered your emotions, get to work! Invest into something productive. Take up a new hobby or make changes in your daily routine. Make a new habit. This will divert you from negative and will exhaust you enough so that you don’t have time to over think stuff.

  1. Acceptance of the reality

Accept the fact that there is nothing you could do about the situation at hand. So the best way to deal with it is to have patience. Accepting your past trauma is not only empowering but also prepares you for a new start.

  1. Focus on your energy

After acceptance, this is the most important thing to do. Focus on yourself and your energy. Don’t get into bad habits. Make new friends who talk about ideas, dreams and goals. Watch TED talks or explore a complete new topic. This will increase your knowledge and will eventually make you mentally strong.

  1. Meditate

From my own experience I say, this is an extremely important aspect to attain emotional stability. Meditating for just 15 minutes every day is enough to calm your chaos. Don’t ignore this. Meditation is really a magical therapy.

  1. Embrace the change

After going through the above said steps. You’ll see a change in yourself. You’ll feel it. Adapt to it and believe that whatever happens, happens for good. Believing and adapting is essential for mental strength.

It’s Worth It…

Letting go isn’t something that happens overnight. It’s a full fledged process that takes a lot of time but is indeed worth it. It’s an internal conflict in which you are at war with your own self.

It’s a silent struggle with nobody to support you. But trust me, all of it makes you a warrior and boosts your self-love.

So every time you feel hesitant about leaving something back and missing it on, just remember there are always better things waiting on the other side of the door.

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