QuoraED: If You Had To Ban One Thing In India, What Would It Be?

When I came across this Quora thread, I was pleasantly taken aback! Every Indian netizen wants to ban one thing or the other in our country!!!

There is no dearth of things that can be banned in our country. Whether it is article 377 or the use of gutka and pan masalas, there are too many things that we do not need in our country anymore.

So when I came across this Quora thread, I was pleasantly taken aback! What were the Indian netizens really looking to ban in our country?

Well, here are some responses that made my day.

1. Ban the Garbage

“Seriously. I love India. It is such a wonderful, magical, dazzlingly colourful, uplifting place. The waste, though — the garbage — brings everything down. It spoils things tremendously. And I’ve heard this from so many people — both Indians and foreigners. It’s like meeting the most beautiful, miraculous and special person you wouldn’t even imagine existing, falling hopelessly in love, and then coming closer and realising that he or she is covered in fetid, putrid, malodorous, noxious waste…”

Waste management is too big an issue to be simply passed over. This one user went into detail to reason how proper waste management can miraculously change the image of India in everyone’s mind, ourselves and the world.

2. Public Urination

“In this god-fearing—or at least god-respecting—nation, only GOD can stop public urination.

Don’t believe me?”

It was followed by a funny picture that had a Catholic looking mural with the caption: For God’s sake, don’t pee on the wall.

3. Child Labour

Again, something almost all Indians with agree to. It is already banned but as long as Chotu at a chaiwalla serves tea the entire day, we are not really free from Child labour.

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4. Marital Rape

Kyun ki pati kabhi bhagwaan nahi hota, aur rape hamesha rape hota hain.

5. Lastly, ban Delhi

I am sure everyone living outside Delhi must have wished for this. Apparently, it lacks the groove that it needs to pack to be the top boss in the nation.

Well, who cares. Delhi will rule till they manage to move Rashtrapati Bhawan to Mumbai.

Honourable mention – Please ban these Babajis and Mata Ranis. They cash in on the superstition of the people. It is masterful exploitation of the beliefs of the masses that needs to be systematically overturned. They push people to be narrow-minded and live in fear.

I really do wish that there was something that could be done against them legally.

Well, that was the QuoraED that we managed to dig up. Rest, you tell us: what would you like to see as banned in India?

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