From Pseudo Secularism To Pseudo Nationalism : Indian Political Parties Have Come A Long Way To Divide And Rule

We’ve been ruled by two major houses since our independence and both of them have presented their hypocritical ideologies with a blasphemous implementation of their so-called progressive agendas under the shroud of the two basic components of disguised communalism – pseudo secularism in the past and now, pseudo nationalism.

In simple terms, under the previous government’s tenure, every politician of the ruling party seemed to be an expert on being secular but they were suckers to appeasement of a particular religion with vehement denial. And history doesn’t lie, you know.

Take up the Shah Bano case for example. A 60-year old Muslim woman named Shah Bano divorced from her husband and filed a case to get maintainace. The court ruled in her favor. Case closed. Matter over. Problem solved.

But hey, this is India. You’d be lying through your teeth if you expect matters to be over with such speed. And that’s exactly what happened.

A picture of Shah Bano, whose case was a subject of massive debate and displayed the then government's pseudo secularism.
A picture of Shah Bano, whose case was a subject of massive debate and displayed the then government’s pseudo secularism.

After the case was closed, there was a Muslim uproar all across the nation as they feared (YES. FEARED.) that there would be more examples of such cases and men, more importantly Muslim men would need to pay maintainance to the women who file the case.

Since it was an election year when this case happened, the ruling party thought it’d be appropriate to maintain a healthy vote bank and played a masterstroke just for that. They invoked the The Muslim Women (Protection of Rights on Divorce) Act, 1986 in order to maintain their firm grip on the minority vote bank, thus displaying their pseudo secularism but instead coming off as “sickular”, if I may.

With the 1984 Sikh genocide case still hanging in the loose and NOT A SINGLE PERSON INCARCERATED for the same, it begs me to question that on what grounds does the party paint the secular picture in the mindsets of its supporters, especially when our world famous silent Prime Minister apologized for the incident? Does he accept the party’s involvement in the brutal genocide? Think about it.

Protests against the 1984 genocide.
Protests against the 1984 Sikh genocide.

But well, times change. Dynamics shift. And these dynamics pave the way for new leaders. Fast forward to 2014.

The wave conquered.

Just when we thought that good governance and progression were going to be the key elements of the new wave, we were proven wrong. In a game of chess, the pawns play a major role at times instead of the big guys and the same followed here.

Circa 2015, Hindu women were told on national television to give birth to 4 children each to increase the religion’s population.

We’ve had practices like “Ghar Wapsi which are still prevalent across the nation to convert people to Hinduism, thus changing their identity entirely only to fit under a particular religion under the shroud of nationalism and all of a sudden, “beef” is a big deal to people and we’ve had cases where people are assaulted and killed for consuming it, even if those are rumors. If the government owes its victory to an organisation of communalists and still denies its association to them, then what’s the point?

Victim of the infamous Dadri lynching (left).
Victim of the infamous Dadri lynching (left).

These so-called associates of the government barely have any women in their ranks, they’ve had no past leaders who were a part of the fight for independence of the nation and they promote a religion-centric ideology under the shroud of nationalism. If these associates are nationalists, then why haven’t wee seen any progress in getting a Uniform Civil Code? Why do we still have various religious acts despite having a constitution? Think about this, too.

Our Prime Minister is one of the most resilient men I’ve ever seen and I still believe he can carry out changes and lead the country to progression but with the minions promoting a selective pro-religion policy, that progression may just come at heavy costs.

And looking at it from a practical perspective, the two parties or governments in question aren’t that different after all since all they’re doing is pitching in an ideology which causes communal divide, be it under the name of secularism or nationalism.

As citizens, I ask you to think. I ask you to analyze and I ask you to criticize. Don’t let the men in white fool you and your rights for it is those rights that make us more powerful than them.

Rise above hatred, rise above religion and most importantly, rise above pseudo secularism and pseudo nationalism.

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