Prisma: The Awesome Photo Editing App That Has Put All Instagram Filters To Shame- We Liv’ED It

It’s been ages since we’ve been pestering Instagram for all our filter needs. We’ve witnessed so many claiming to be “new” and “organic” photo editing apps but none of them have really cut the mustard. All we got left with was disappointment..


Here swoops in, the utterly mind-boggling app Prisma. It has already started to generate a buzz all over the internet for its spectacular filtering techniques or what can be termed as one click conversion of your ordinary photo into a phenomenal piece of art.

Getting started:



The app is currently only available for iOS users but soon will make its way to Android users as well. It is up for grabs for free.



As soon as the app is downloaded, the home screen opens up. From here, it’s all a piece of cake. Pick the photo you want to edit. 

IMG_5077Then proceed to the page for setting the orientation of the image or alternatively, click Next.




And that will land you to the page where the magic actually happens. From an extensive variety of exquisite filters, pick your favourite and Voila! You’ve got yourself a present.



The app has inbuilt features to share the art piece on Instagram and Facebook. You could also just save it to your camera roll.


Liv’ED It Score Card:

Concept 5
User Interface 5
Features 5

The app is absolutely enchanting. The user interface is a cakewalk, the in-built features are great and the design is totally slick. What gives this app edginess, is its USP – the filters. Do not spend any more time. Just get this app. NOW.

& Thank us later! ;)

Let us know if you liked it or not, in the comments down below.

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