Rift Inside ISIS or Terror Groups Becoming Legal? Predicting The Future Of Terrorism & This World

Have you ever imagined what would be the future of world politics (or world map) if the already prevalent terror groups continue to grow with this shearing speed?


The rising impact of ISIS, Hezbollah, Al-Qaeda, Taliban, Naxalites, etc., compelled me to contemplate the future of terrorism. One always curses the idea of terrorism as terror is one of the feelings which makes you vulnerable. In order to take a dig at the steep audacity of these groups, I have tried to predict the future of terrorists.

Sit back and go back to the future.

Note: The following events are in future tense. They are purely fictional and have not happened yet.

A Rift Inside ISIS?

With everything working out so smoothly between the alive members of Islamic State, one can always predict that something is fishy. Almost every big organizations have rifts, be it the Beatles or the BJP. Imagine this: ISIS is divided into two groups, both equally and heavily armored. Members having a hard time to decide which one to join. What next then? If we go by the Hollywood style then after a lot of attacks and wars (and pollution) one leader will stand erect and the other will be moved to a coffin. If we go by Bollywood standards then both the leaders will, at the end, realize that they belong to the same womb. The rivalry will come to an end with both hugging each other with teary eyes just like in Karan-Arjun (So much feels!).

Will Terrorist Groups Become Legal & Have Agreements With Nations?

Terrorist groups would soon become legal and have an elected representative. Their legality will be confirmed by the UN, but, of course, they would not be qualified to be a member of UNGA. With ISIS claiming the occupied territories as its own, they will start issuing passports and green cards. To produce revenue, tourism will be promoted by the terror groups in their respective areas. And it still unlikely for USA to end its craving for oil, anytime. USA will probably hold negotiations with the terror groups on oil rates, and hence, agreements between nations and terror groups will be witnessed.

Islam Taking Over The World?

Islam is the fastest growing religion. It is the second most followed religion in the world. And the sole reason behind this is the usage of Islam in terror groups. Terror groups force people to convert to Islam because, you know, talking nicely and explaining about the religion is too middle class. With this rapid growth rate, will we see it taking over the world? Will finally their dreams will be fulfilled by forceful capture?

End Of The Earth Due To WWIII?

Due to the regular attacks by ISIS and Al-Qaeda, testing of Hydrogen Bomb by North Korea, the increase in Nuclear Power of China/USA/Russia and the death of clean water, the world will face another world war. World War III will basically take place between terror groups on one side and nations states on other (Assuming North Korea comes under former head). As the scientists and scholars have already prophesized, another world war will be the end of Earth. It will be the only time when you will see raining bombs, bullets more than water. Water is a very small word indeed. Don’t worry, you will be dead too. But one thing is clear, either the terrorists will live or the Earth.

These are just predictions. No one knows what is coming.

Will there be the end of Kalyug and the beginning of another Satyug?


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