Mumbai Gets A Taste Of Delhi Ki Sardi: Practical Winter Problems We Face

With the lowest temperature in Mumbai touching 11 degrees and chill being possibly more than a hill station, it’s time Mumbai understands what Delhi faces.

The day to day issues which come along with the love for pakoras, halwas and hot beverages during winters are special to North India.

7 winter problems Delhites experience:

  • Typing Tyranny!

Frozen hands are sure to give you the hardest times. To hell with fast typing, you probably end up making more errors than you ever thought of. Hello becomes Bello…While this little mistake is still fine, sometimes this typing error only can result in disastrous consequences.


  • Auto – Rickshaw Bye Bye!

Auto – rickshaws becomes your worst enemy during chilly winds. Even then you cannot avoid them. Because where metros and buses fail to take you, autos and rickshaws are the solution. But the biting winds, accompanying the travel redden your nose and ears in return. (stoles, mufflers and caps may help you, or may not)


(That’s exactly how you can try and beat the chilly winds while riding in an auto)

  • Heaters are addictive!

God forbid if you switch on the heater, then you are stuck in that room for long. Nature’s call on your bladder then would just increase the irritation. But would it be strong enough to push you into the bathroom? The bond between you and heater grows on to be inseparable. Routine chores then are surely procrastinated.


  • Deo and Perfumes to the rescue!

Bathing every day is a myth in winters. Some days even geysers aren’t on your side.  And then ice cold water waits to come out of the taps and freeze you.


  • Clothes and more clothes!

Winters mean piling up your body with layers of clothes. The weight of those layers is not less but you just cannot survive without it.


  • Lazy Asses

Blankets are the trend of the season. I dare you to come out of the cosy quilt you are tucked into. They are just so comfortable that waking up becomes the most demanding task of the day. Laziness comes with its share of dizziness with shorter days.


  • Foggy Fights

Drive, Walk, Travel at your own risk. Setting of the chill snatches your vision. Who likes fogged windshields and windows? It is also not the question of like, the danger that comes along is more disastrous. The tiring herculean task of continuously cleaning the car off fog to drive safe is just part and parcel of winters.


Write to us in the comments what issues you face with the chilly winds of this season.


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