Post Truth, Sonam Is Not Bewafa: All That Unusual That Happened In News This Week

Week 2 of demonetization was none the happier than the first count. While people in India were metaphorically discovering hidden stairways to heaven via their banks and ATMs (55 people a lil too literally), the world didn’t fail to enjoy their staple dose of the bizarre.

Here are some highlights from the news this week that went by!


Breaking News This Week- Meri Sonam Bewafa Nahi Hain!

sonam bewafa hain

Personal histories, paper, and money. If there was to be a hate story that would go down in history as a foil to the romances of Laila-Majnoo, we might have finally found one! At a time when the cash crunch is pinching our pockets like we’d never imagine and we Indians should be much more worried about Modi government’s bewafai, this one 10 rupee note with Sonam Gupta Bewafa Hain etched on it, is now a legend in its own right!

‘Post-Truth’ is Named as the Word Of the Year

Trump post truth


Post Brexit, Post Trump, Post Everything, it seems our world is uncannily fixated on procrastination. As Oxford Dictionary names ‘post-truth’ as the Word of The Year, we come to realize that we really live in a world where we don’t think about consequences before we choose.

The dictionary defines the word as “relating to or denoting circumstances in which objective facts are less influential in shaping public opinion than appeals to emotion and personal belief.”

Want another word? Post-truth, it’s too late dear world, too late.

Kashmir Bursts Back to Life after 132 days of Shutdown

srinagar lal chowk saturday

The enigmatic valley of sadness has burst back to life, and how! With such dismay and tensions amounting in the last several months, this usual day in Kasmir valley is unusually delightful. Though demonetization did cause some ticks, schools, offices, and markets were packed with people on Saturday restoring life back to the valley.

Oh, by the way, did you actually know what was going on there in the first place?



British Woman Gets Arrested In Dubai After Reporting Rape!

women in Dubai

This actually happened, three days back. And you know what of all punishments that she attracts for getting raped, she might even be stoned to death. Such has been the trend in UAE against rape victims, set the men free, kill the woman. As if getting raped wasn’t bad enough, you get raped by the system. Way to go Dubai.

Indian God-Woman Shoots At Everyone At A Wedding

news this week

Killing one and injuring several, as if Indian weddings weren’t bizarre enough. In bizarre news this week  Sadhvi Thakur, vice president of All India Hindu Mahasabha likes to party by firing celebratory shots openly while dancing at weddings, much to everyone’s horror. Now taken in custody, now she claims a conspiracy to acquit her.

Also, she thinks birth control is bs and churches and mosques should have Hindu idols for worship.

Fake Notes Already Begin Circulating In India

2000 rupees notes

In the most bizarre twist to the tale, the demonetization move that was supposed to clamp down on the fake currency business, and yes indeed it has, couldn’t stop some notorious Indians from fooling others with some desi jugaad. Miscreants circulating xeroxed 2000 rupee notes to dupe people out of their hard-earned money, I bet Modi ji didn’t see this coming.


In the mood for more? Come back next week. for more news this week with spice and everything nice!

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