Are Politicians And Film Stars Gods? Of Course Not, But Some Do Have A Divine Status Because Their Fanfare Turns Into Worshippers- A Dangerous Trend



Last week, Induvalu Suresh, a Congress supporter cut off his finger and donated it at Tirupati for the prosperity of Indian National Congress. It was a sacrifice willingly made so that Congress will be cleared of all allegations will get back in power. This raised questions on what power and democracy means, how crazy fanfare would get, but if we go back in history we can see a lot of incidents like this. When MGR, ex Chief Minister and movie star in Tamil Nadu died, 22 people committed suicide!!

When Salman Khan was imprisoned, there were Salman fans who wanted to be imprisoned!!! All these incidents cannot be a coincidence.


Have you wondered how people clinch to the feet of politicians? They are not just respected, they are worshiped. The people who do this always belong to the poor lower strata of the society. By offering three square meals a day, the impoverished of the country may count you like God. But for this, they should remain poor. They should feel that the food they eat is not their right but somebody’s grant. Once this idea settles into their minds, it is easy to control them like puppets.


Marketing takes a whole new level here. Critical thinking to see through the party manifestos and movies is totally lost. Pay a few fans for making a circus when movies are released and new leaders are introduced. There would be a dedicated and loyal fanfare to follow depending on how much you can spend. Charisma does the rest. When there are enough die hard fans, artificially created, the rest of the masses would follow. The only option is to follow the herd or you will be left alone.

Media celebrates leaders who pay them and they would cover their success stories as if it is an epic victory. Media constantly panics the nation that there are bomb attacks planned on our nation and had it not been a particular leader, our country would have been demolished to dust.

See, it is an age old ‘divine lottery’ repeated in a more vicious format. To speak of films stars and politicians in the same article do make sense here- because today we have many film stars entering the political arena donning khadar. Many heartthrobs become ministers and MPs when they had to play senior roles. In this case, they can have vote banks just like any communal parties.



Remember, during the WWII there were so many followers of Hitler- people who addressed each other “Heil Hitler”, people who grew moustaches like him and dreamt about joining the army with him. This similar method of brainwashing is happening here though the process is slow and there are many benefactors of the method. This will lead to anarchy and terror and a steady arrest in development. Of course some people got charisma, but that does mean we should abandon our reasoning power?

Democracy is supposed to be the rule of the people. People as in persons and human beings. But with this type of brain washing, we turn human beings into an inebriated herd without logical reasoning and critical thinking ability. Is such a group of people capable of deciding what is good and bad for them? Is this not a repacked version of monarchy when the King was considered an avatar of God and servitude towards him was a religious duty?

Are we becoming like elves in Harry Potter series?


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