PETA Response to Ranveer Singh Ad Depicting Cruelty to Sharks for Rupa Frontline

PETA India responds to this advertisement for Rupa Frontline that depicts Ranveer Singh beating up a shark.

Says Poorva Joshipura, PETA India CEO:

“MTV’s Power of One study found 42% of India’s youth is passionate about participating in a movement for a cause that affects them, and Elle Girl readers voted animal rights the ‘Coolest Political Cause’.

By recruiting Ranveer Singh, Rupa Frontline is desperately trying to attract youth, but nothing shows how utterly out of touch with youngsters the company actually is than its depiction of cruelty to animals in its advertisement.

There is nothing sexy about pretending to beat up an animal, and nothing that may disgust a girl more.

The ‘ruthless killers’ in the human-shark relationship are actually the humans. Recent studies indicate that up to 73 million sharks are killed each year, mainly for their fins, which are put in soups and eaten mostly in Asia. India is the second largest shark fishing nation in the world.

As the rest of the shark has a much lower market value, fishing boats often capture large numbers of sharks and slice off their fins, often while the animals are still alive. The mutilated bodies are dumped back into the ocean, where they sink helplessly to the bottom.

Sharks play a key role in ocean ecosystems but their populations worldwide are declining rapidly. There is no time greater than now that these animals need our respect.

PETA will be writing to Rupa Frontline and Ranveer Singh to share our concerns on behalf of sharks and today’s socially aware youth.”


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