Who is a Perfect Lover?


  1. Someone who gives you more time than he can afford: I read somewhere that the best gift you can give someone is your time because it is like giving a part of your life you cannot take back. Be gracious to your lover who finds time for you, never take him for granted. You may be on his priority list at this very moment but it can change any time.
  2. Someone who is willing to put in more efforts than you are: if your love interest is someone who truly cares about you, he puts in a large amount of effort to make you happy. For example if none of you have balance in your mobile phones, or phones are out of coverage area, he actually goes to a PCO to call you, to tell you  how much talking to you means to him.
  3. Someone who is always available for you, whenever you need him, he’s there: availability is an extremely important factor when it comes to defining someone who literally means the world to you. If he is available for you as soon as you need him, consider yourself a lucky lady because not all men when will go all the way to be available for you all the time just to see a small smile on your face.
  4. Someone who treats you like you’re the only one that matters: a person who gives you the highest priority in life is definitely a keeper. Someone for whom everything else is of secondary interest and only you who matters. He will try to be with you for as much time as is possible for him, because the time that he spends with you is time well spent for him. Someone who proves that everything other than you is meaningless; it is only you for him, today, tomorrow and always.
  5. Someone who is ready to talk it out: not all men like talking about their relationships and related issues. But there are a few for whom talking to you about anything and everything is of utmost importance. These men are hard to find and thus save them for yourself.
  6. Someone who is not afraid of committing to you not just for months or years but forever: somebody who provides you a security about the future, somebody who convinces you that no matter what happens in the future you will always be in their life, as their better half. Most men don’t give such a security since they suffer from commitment phobia but in case your man is happy to accept you as his beloved now and in the future, he is a keeper.
  7. Someone who wants you to be a part of his being: somebody who wants to inculcate you in their life, in their days and their nights. Somebody who wants to make the journey of their life along with you, they are ready to make the compromises that come in the way. A very simple example, if someone wants to become a musician and travel the world, they want to take you a long for all their trips and they want you to be right next to you.
  8. Someone for whom being with you is not less than a dream: being with you is a dream come true for them, they treat you like you are an angel, sent from above, in their life, they take your presence as an inspiration to work harder and move forward in life. They want you by hook or by crook. It is you with whom they want to live their dream life.

Someone who is crazily stupidly in love with you: their love is pure, unintentional and yes it’s literally heavenly. Sometimes the intensity with which they love you might scare you, but the quality of love that they shower on you cannot be described in a million words. They love you like you’re theirs, and only theirs. Keep him girls, take my advice. You might be wondering whether such men still exist. They do, and you’ll surely find them in case you are lucky enough. I am fortunate to find a man who matches the above mentioned criterion. People like him are hard to find and I am lucky to come across one such wonder man. I wish I would never have to let go of him. download


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