Paris Attacks vs. Dadri Lynching – Why The Double Standards When It Comes To Religion?

The second attack on the Fashion Capital in less than a year. First Charlie Hebdo, now haphazard attacks. First because of “Mohammed” and now “Allahu Akbar”. Something’s definitely wrong when the “Jihadists” say that.

The word Jihad actually means struggle. Needless to say that it is being wrongly interpreted or maybe interpreted in a way they like to make the world islamic which has long been the goal of many Islamic rulers all over the world. However, in the recent Paris attacks, terror crossed all its limits when it hit the French Capital at night. Grenades flew in the air and Automatic guns were fired rampantly at major locations in Paris. Hundreds were killed and taken hostages as military was called in to handle the situation. 8 terrorists are reportedly caught and are being interrogated. ISIS has taken responsibility for the attack.


The horrific attack has been condemned worldwide, however one thing is interesting to note.

The people condemning the attack tweeted using #PrayforParis unlike the condemning of the Dadri lynching (which had a great impact in the Bihar elections)  which was condemned using #HinduTerror.

After the Dadri Lyching
After the Dadri Lyching
After the Paris attacks
After the Paris attacks

This brings us to a long drawn debate- whether terrorism has any religion. Keeping in mind the various terrorist attacks in the recent pass, from the 9/11 to 26/11 and now The Paris Attacks, organised terrorism in the name of One religion has been ever increasing.

There is a video on Facebook saying that “No religion brings violence. It is the followers of that religion which bring violence. if you are a violent person then your Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism is also violent.”

If one agrees to this, will it be safe to say that One community is the most violent?

There are also posts on social networking sites giving a verse from the Quoran,”If a man kills a human being, its as if he is killing the whole humanity”. If this is what the Quoran says, I fail to understand one thing that why does the Muslim head, when such acts of Islamic Terror take place say anything against them and set right the real meaning of the Quoran?

In all other matter the Muslims hear what he says, what now then? Anyways, not deviating from the issue in hand, for the past few weeks we have been hearing a lot about the Dadri incident and the term Hindu Terror coined by few of the self proclaimed seculars of this country. Here is a befitting reply to them.


Agreed that not all Muslims are terrorists and it is wrong to look at every Muslim from a suspicious mindset but at the same time isn’t it also not true that almost all the terrorist attacks in India have been carried out by that one community?


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