The Overwhelming Indian Patriotism Of Balochis- Vande Maataram!! 

By Anusha Majumdar

A few months ago, when I tuned on to some news channel, the first thing that caught my attention was a soldier in Pakistani uniform brutally assaulting a helpless old man who was whimpering and cowering like a cat.

This video would faze even the most phlegmatic of people.

I was appalled at the apathy and started digging into the origin of those assaults. It got me thinking about the effect of the Baloch movement on Kashmiri conflict and how the Indian collusion with them would be instrumental in changing the current geopolitical scenario.

The astonishing roots of this province have a significant impact on India and here’s how and why:


Balochistan, the largest province of Pakistan is perhaps the most brutalized, neglected land mass by its masters and ignored by the civilized world.  

Known for its scenic beauty and rich natural resources, it is inhabited by about only 7% of the population yet occupies 40% of Pakistani landmass. None could be a conundrum of contrasts!

This province joined Pakistan in 1947 based on promises given to it on autonomy by Jinnah, conveniently forgotten later. It’s a saga of rape, torture, plunder and loot unleashed by Punjabi dominated Pak army for the last 70 years.

Its name got prominence after Prime Minister Narendra Modi mentioned its pathetic plight. It also got prominence due to the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC).

CPEC, a Chinese debt funded mega road link dissecting Pakistan from Xinjiang in China to Gwadar port is expected to give gateway to China to the Arabian Sea.

It’s also expected to make Pakistan just another province of China as Pakistan can hardly come out of the debt burden. None of its minuscule benefits will flow to the local Baluchis.

Tarek Fatah, a Baloch dissident with pro-Indian leanings OPENLY APPEALED TO INDIA TO LIBERATE HIS LAND, like it did to Bangladesh in 1971. Such was his emotion.

He said, “VANDE MAATARAM INDIA. WE LOVE YOU! It was a moment of IMMENSE pride to many Indians including me.


History also suggests that several thousands of Maratha soldiers were resettled by the British in Balochistan. Some even suggest that a DNA check would prove the Hindu lineage of the majority of Baloch!

No wonder, the entire Afghanistan-Pakistan was once part of Kushan Empire of Hindu Emperor Kanishka stretching from Varanasi to Persian desert.

In fact Takshasila (Taxila), Purushapura (Peshawar), Gandhara (Kandahar), Kambojapura (Kabul), Kapuila (Bagram), Udabhandapura (Hund village in Khyber) were all part of this heritage!


Left – PM Modi, Right – Brahmudagh Bugti


India recently gave political asylum to Brahumdagh Bugti. Bugti is the grandson of the infamous Baloch leader, Akbar Bugti, who was murdered by the Pak army during Musharraf regime.

This step is likely to give a fillip to the independence struggle of Balochistan and irk Pak.


The Balochistan Issue Caused Severe Damage To Kashmir


India as we know, is incessantly embroiled in a territorial conflict with Pakistan for eons without any definite solution.

By extending support to the Baloch movement, PM Narendra Modi made a master move by deviating Pakistan from the present crises at hand.

Pakistan is petrified of losing a large mass of its territory and what with the Indians extending support to the already festering movement, things would definitely get out of hand and Pakistan would be in shambles!

The nation of Balochistan is now no longer a matter of “IF”, but it’s a matter of “WHEN”!!

Image Credits: Google Images

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