As If Open Learning School Students Didn’t Already Suffer Prejudice, UGC Is Upping Its Game

Now, we all know that there exists a very obvious and deep line between the conventional colleges and the more modern and new, open learning schools.

It is no secret that the open learning or correspondence courses are very clearly looked down upon and by many are still not considered to be an actual course.

Now, as if the students from such an institution wasn’t enough, UGC has brought about a new rule that is just going to widen that divide even further.

The University Grants Commission (UGC) states that the reason for this rule is an “order to erase ambiguities between conventional mode degrees and ODL mode degrees”.

In their latest bid to introduce some new things to DU, the UGC has brought out some guidelines that have made it compulsory to mention the ‘Mode Of Delivery’ in regards to correspondence students on all major documents.

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Why Should Open Learning School Students Have All The Fun?!

Why Should SOL Students Have All The Fun?!

Now we must understand the basic difference between a normal college and an open learning school.

Where students at the conventional colleges have to attend college full time, and have real time classes, mandatory attendance and whatnot, Open Learning schools do not have the same system.

With DU’s School of Open Learning (SOL), students do not have to attend actual physical classes and can instead do the course online. The students only have to come to the college for the final examinations, otherwise everything else is done through the online medium.

Now, SOL works amazingly well for students who don’t want to waste time studying and not getting a job. The online system works conveniently for students who want to complete their higher studies but at the same time don’t want to leave their well paying job.

And considering the economy, can you blame them?!

Also, a large number of SOL students are from underprivileged backgrounds or low income families, who must work in order to provide for their family.

The SOL allows them a platform to complete their education and hope for a better paying and more stable job in the future.

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Why This Absolutely Sucks For Them?

The thing is, as stated above that, there is a lot of stereotype and prejudice against open learning schools and till now are not considered to be actual courses.

Completing your studies from a conventional college is still more prestigious than the SOL and is almost proof of one’s merit and subsequent capabilities.

UGC’s guidelines leaves many SOL students exposed and vulnerable to being victimised as their degree will be held as inferior to that of a conventional college graduate.

Signing off I would just like to say that, till the time open learning schools get a better standing, such a rule should not be applied. Doing so, would only harm the innocent students and make them wary of joining SOL in the first place.

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