When in doubt, Google it! This seems to be the new mantra people live by. Technology has encompassed every sphere of our lives. This age old debate provides us with different arguments, both in favor and against.  If you expect this article’s trajectory to be the same monotonous debate which would ultimately leave you dissatisfied – not reaching a suitable conclusion – I implore you to discard all your expectations at the end of this paragraph.giphy (2)


Do you feel the lack of adrenaline in your veins? Do you yearn for all the adventurous experiences you thought having as a child? If so, it’s time to pack your bags. (Not promising you anything)


Yes, I’m talking about a getaway from the busy, hectic life in the city. It doesn’t require much planning to execute a weekend trip which would provide you with a break from all the monotony. All you need is the company of a few good friends or, your earphones, if you’re the lone-wolf type. “Booking an overnight bus to Rishikesh” is one amongst many choices technology will present you with when you hit search.


Let’s say you were impulsive enough to follow my advice. The bus will reach in the morning when the sky’s pitch dark and the birds still asleep and cuddled up in their nests. If this darkness and quiet apprehends you, try to muster up enough courage to take another step into the unknown.

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Make sure the first thing you do when you get off the bus is make your way to any one of the beaches in Rishikesh. Let the torch in your latest smart phone be your guide until you see the darkness gradually dissipate: embrace the dawn as it unfolds before your eyes. Such exquisite moments are often frowned upon by the ones who miss it. You will probably sit there pondering on the mysteries of life and uncovering  hidden truths, until you hear a sound so faint that you almost ignore it but immediately realize its none other than your own hungry stomach.

At this moment I shall unveil to you a few hot-spots which will not only satisfy your hunger but also gratify your eyes, and I’ll tell you why.

1. Beatles Café

This café draws its influence from the visit of the famous band, The Beatles, to Rishikesh and it certainly lives up to its name. The ambience and the food will leave you begging for more. It opens up at 11:00am and it’s definitely a must go.

2.The Little Buddha Café

The little Buddha Café sees a lot of crowd. It provides you with the perfect spot for breakfast. One sip of ginger honey lemon tea and your stressed mind seems to let go of all the mundane problems. Don’t miss out a chance to treat your taste buds at this place.

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The rest of your journey shouldn’t be dependent upon any of my suggestions. Rather ignore all of them and pave a completely different way. Walk through the town and discover the beautiful ashrams, rural life and vibrant culture the city exhibits. Who knows? You might just stumble upon the meaning of life.


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