Now Obama on a Low.

Barack OBAMA played GOLF on Sunday in Maryland to take off some stress after hearing about his Approval Ratings..
Obama has currently been planning to meet the skeptical public 15 months before The Presidential Race in order to gather support and attend to the grievances in a time of an ‘Economic Disaster’  .   BAD MOVE Obama …
But the public is not sure whether they want to give Obama a second term and will be happy to hand over power to The Republicans ..  
Also in these crunch times Obama’s approval ratings have dipped below 40 % for the first time and 54 % disapprove of his job [Disapproval Ratings] …
I think that Obama surely needs a catalyst [Example: Osama Killing] in a radical or extreme form to get his ratings up and at least give him confidence to win his second term . .
Think Obama Think .. Michele Bachmann is on the track…And she is Going Fast !


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