Now Get Contraceptive Products Delivered To You Through An SMS

Indians, in general, have a habit of judging you based on everything that you do. And we have stereotypes for everything. If a woman has a lot of male friends, she is a whore, and if a man has a lot of female friends, he is a casanova. You are a woman and you smoke? WOW, where are your sanskaars? *Aaj kal ki ladkiyaan. Sigh*


Recently, my friend was telling me how she went to the pharmacy to buy a bottle of lubricant and was “royally embarrassed”. So, she went to the pharmacy which was completely packed, and she asked the pharmacist (who was looking for medicines at one end of the store) to give her lube.

He went to the other end, where his counter was, and asked her (yelled, basically) what she wanted, and then asked her to spell it. As she would have to push other people to get to that end, she had to scream that she wanted L U B E. Not to mention, everybody turned around to look at who this blasphemous woman is, and well, gave her the most judgemental looks they could.

Oh, and the guy did not even have lube.


A similar awkward experience of a close friend brewed the idea of SMS Contraceptive in 18-year-old Sirhaan Seth’s mind, which would deliver condoms, lubricants, pregnancy tests, and contraceptive pills to you, wherever you are (YES! Cars, hotel rooms, anywhere), within 30 minutes of the order being placed.


It has currently been launched in Gurgaon, and is about to expand to South Delhi within the next two weeks. They have combo packs for your convenience too, for prices as low as Rs. 150 for a pack of three condoms. Placing an order is also a cakewalk as you can simply text them, or WhatsApp or Snapchat, or call them any ungodly hour of the day.

They wouldn’t judge you if you just turned 18 and are going to have birthday sex (woot woot!), or if you are a woman. And it is just run by four people as of now, so maybe you could be best buds with them. (If regularity counts!?)

Seth plans to take his venture to places “where things like these are a taboo”. People have been inquiring about his venture from Mumbai, Bengaluru and South Africa too!

Who says this generation is insensitive to other people’s emotions?

Way to go Seth!

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