When we think of a soulmate the immediate image that comes to mind is that of a romantic partner, a perfect partner whom you can live your life with, have kids with and grow old with.

But not all soulmates are romantic and there is a difference between soulmates and best friends. Many people confuse the two, and it is normal considering how similar they are to each other. But I’m specifically talking about a soulmate and not a best friend.

Who is a Soulmate?

Although it is correct that a lot of soulmates develop from friendships, there is just one tiny little bit of difference between the two.

A person becomes your soulmate when your friendship with them becomes so pure and pious and the connection is so strong that a soul to soul affinity can be felt.

Soulmates are 2 people who are connected on such an intimate level, that they can realize each other’s inner-most thoughts and know what is going in their head without any even speaking a word. They can look at each other and figure out what kind of day the other person had, and what needs to be done thereafter.

Their advice whether it be good or harsh, somehow always ends up working in favour and benefits each other ultimately.

Basically, the entire difference between a best friend and a soulmate is that the latter is more on a spiritual level than just physical, mental or emotional.

A soulmate is a person with whom your energies connect and are so compatible that it creates an extremely strong bond.

With best friends, there are chances that as you grow and change, the friendship might not be able to take it, and eventually come to an end. But with soulmates, you never really drift apart, no matter how much either of them change.

Your personality can do a complete 180 degree, you might fight a lot, and even sometimes get a little bit of distance from one another, but in the end, you will eventually find your way back to each other.

Soulmates also have the highest success rate of telepathy, because the way you are attuned to them, allows you both to communicate without words.

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Types Of Platonic Soulmates

Now that we have cleared up what exactly a soulmate means and how they are different from a best friend, let us take a look at the different kinds of soulmates:

1. College Soulmate

The college soulmate is the one you meet in college, a little late but their importance only increases with time.

They are the ones you trust to get your proxy in a certain class, they are the first person you will tell about that hideout you found or that shop that serves the best food around campus.

They help you during exam preparation, get you notes for classes, or get you over that painful breakup.

Not to say that you do not have a healthy bit of competition and sometimes you will fight too but you will get back together soon enough.

2. The Childhood Soulmate

This is the soulmate you met in kindergarten or nursery class and till date is around. The bond only deepens and strengthens with time even if the distance between you two might be quite a lot sometimes.

A close friend of mine has such a relationship with another childhood friend. They have been soulmates since we all were 5 years old, and even though they fight almost every few months, they are each other’s first go-to person.

3. Cousin Soulmate

The cousin soulmate is very important as they are the one person you can rely on to make those dreary family functions just a little bit fun.

The fact that they are your cousin also allows you to be more open and honest about any family problems you might be facing. There is no judgement or embarrassment here as they already know everything about your family or could be going through the same.

Time to call your soulmate? 

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Sources: Wikipedia, HuffPost, Times of India

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