No Horn Ok Please – You Can Be Fined Now

Good news people! The primary reason most of us want to go for long vacations to hill stations in search of peace and serenity i.e. CONSTANT HONKING IN THE TRAFFIC is soon going to cost us dearly, according to reports.

The nuisance, anger and the frustration that it creates is clearly noticeable. It doesn’t take much time for people to turn from a normal human being to The Incredible Hulk.

According to some news reports, the Centre is working on some steps to check the excessive honking by imposing a considerable amount of fine.


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Although, dear ‘honkers’, don’t be sad because of this sudden change in your routine! You are absolutely allowed to blow the horn (not trumpet) if you wish to overtake someone, but a short horn (OK? Please!). Or better is can flash the headlight of your car as a signal.

Apparently, the rules specify when you can and can’t use the horn. The best part is that honking in silent or residential areas will be prohibited! *Thank God*

There are certain proposals which are to be a part of the Motor Vehicle Act, that the Ministry of Road Transport is likely to introduce in the coming monsoon session of the Parliament.

Here is what is expected to happen if this rule comes about. Your first offence would cost you Rs 500 and subsequent ones Rs 1000. A penalty of Rs 5000 would be imposed on owners for the installation of multi-toned and air horns in vehicles. While the dealers and owners of garages can be charged with Rs 1 lac for inducing such horns!

Much needed negative reinforcement here. This is indeed a good start. We need to learn our lessons the hard and costlier way!


Well, if this ruling comes about (I would totally love to believe them), just imagine what could happen!

No more will you have to tell the person, who begins honking the moment the innocent traffic light changes its colour from red to green, to PLEASE go home if their horn is drunk!

Hopefully, now learning to drive will no longer be synonymous with learning to cuss. Even if the traffic remains the same, the thing that gets to your nerves during the traffic is excessive honking. And when that is reduced, your world will be a more peaceful place!

The intricate details of this rule are yet to be known, but this already sounds like music to my ears. Yes, I can hear it. Because the horns are silenced!

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