Nike’s Self Lacing Sneakers- A Peek-A-Boo Review

Remember the time when you were in 12th grade and your dad was tying your shoe lace because he spoilt you way too much to teach you the bunny knot? Ah…good old days. The sad bit about it is, that I still can’t tie those damn lacey things without tripping and breaking my neck.

So, for spoilt brats like me and athletes like some, Nike revealed their Self-Lacing Sneakers – HyperAdapt 1.0 for the masses apparently. A true marvel for a few puss-in-boots. So without further ado, let me walk you through how ‘Lacey’ here functions –



Crafted from the perfect marriage between – Digital, Mechanical Engineering and Electrical maneuvers, Nike broke all norms of traditional lacing by innovating a footwear so superior to the imagination, it brought to our notice that smartphones weren’t the only technology-imbibing devices; a leather made product could also be digitized.

It functions of course on sensors that work according to simple dynamics of shoe-wearing. Basically:

  • You slip on Lacey (yes, I named it that)
  • Lacey feels so ‘touched’ that she tightens her grasp around you (at least somebody is feeling ya’ up…or down)
  • Her sensors are ‘tingling’ and her heart racing…
  • But you now feel uncomfortable because she’s being an Overly-Attached-Girlfriend
  • So you bend down, flick those two buttons on her side and loosen her grip.
  • Now lacey feels bad. Lacey is hurt, but Lacey gives you the best you’ve ever had – A shoe that holds on perfectly while you run! What did you think? *sly look*

Basically, it tightens the moment you wear them and has two buttons to adjust the grip around your feet. Lacey is still cooler.



Due to lack of concrete information revealed at this point by Nike, the major reason behind its birth was Tiffany Beers, Senior Innovator, NIKE’s vision to help not only minimize basic issues such as slippery souls or loose un-fitting shoes but to also be the first in the sector to take Nike to the next level and living up to their belief – Just Do It.

Nothing better to describe why this invention came into play. All I can say is, it’s time to Michael Jordon that ish!

P.S.: What if they self-lace and you can never stop running? Like ever…Blisters, goo, puss, broken bones. KBye.



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