What Happens When You Are Both A Night Owl And An Early Bird. Life’s Tough!

There is a broad category of people who are night owls, who are at their working best during the dark hours. Everything is a sweeter indulgence for them during the late hours.

Then there is a yet broader category of diurnals, who rise with the sun up, they don’t dare to meddle with the universal pattern. These are early birds.

Then, there is a rare category, at the intersection of the Venn diagram, of people who are both night owls and early birds.

Life is tough. It’s cute how the sun never forgets to rise but who can’t be kind once in a while.

Well, here is how life happens to them:

1. You are a caffeine-dependent life form. You need coffee, IV. Stat.

2. You can binge-read and strike off your read-later list with the speed of light.

3. You are free to do just whatever you feel like. You can plug in your headphones at full volume and throw your cares to the wind. There are no parents to listen to and no guests to intrude and nobody looking at you.

4. The world is a quieter and a better place because people are sleeping and there is nobody to disturb you. Perfect time to declutter your head.

5. Music hits you at just another level during the night.

Night owl

6. If you are a social recluse then late nights and early mornings are just the perfect time to connect with yourself.

7. You have more hours of the day at your disposal. You can easily take care of the little things pending during the day. There is no need to squeeze tasks into your busy schedule.

8. It’s normal for you to wish people goodnight and good morning, without you, yourself having any sleep in between.

9. Your intellectual level is at its peak after midnight or in the wee hours. You suddenly analyze every song lyric. Yes, even Justin Bieber is open to interpretation then. It’s intense.

10. You usually go on a YouTube spelunking spree and have the coolest collection of web series and videos.

night owl

11. You play a debate in your head if you should reply or not every time that random friend is online.

12. Considering your sporadic sleep schedule,  you don’t have to live by the clock. Life is a beautiful mess. Yours is a tough call to draw a line between day and night.

13. You love talking to people available at such hours because you all belong to this esoteric category which is so cool.

14. You are a potential smuggler because you have perfected the art of tip-toeing to the refrigerator and food-hunting.

Night owl

15. You are most likely to become fat Amy because you are basically active and gluttonous for the most of the day.

16. You will survive the zombie apocalypse longer than others because you won’t be at least sleeping.

17. You fail to explain to people how you survive. You are sleep deprived and chronically fatigued.

18. Pulling an all-nighter during exams is a piece of cake for you.

19. The sleep you get between 5 am to 8 am is the best ever. Though, you always wake up like you never slept.

night owl

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