New Year Resolutions That People Make And Fail Miserably: Poster Series

New Year a.k.a. 2017 is just a few days away, that time of the year when we decide to give ourselves a fresh start! Almost all of us decide to party on the new year’s eve and walk into the fresh year partying!

And the other thing that all of us like, is to fool ourselves! Fool ourselves into believing that we’re gonna make resolutions before the beginning of an year and then we’re gonna keep up with them, LOL.


Some of these resolutions that we make are “fresh” new additions, while some others are the same ages old resolutions that all of us make every year and fail to abide by them every single time!

So, here’s ED’s Poster Series reminding you of the new year resolutions that people make almost every year and fail miserably:

NY1New Year 2




Rings a bell? Of course it does!

Happy fooling!

Design Credits: Nadiminti Sarvani

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