9 Amazing DIY New Year Presents For Your Buddies If You Are Kinda Broke

New Year is almost here and if you want to spoil your friends with presents but don’t have enough money, here are some DIY new year presents that would really cheer them up!

1. An Animal iPhone Tripod

You will need a plastic animal (better if hollow), caulking, a suction cup and a paintbrush.

Cut your animal in half. Fill the interiors with caulking and stick your suction cup to it. Use the pain brush to remove any extra caulking and let it dry for a few days.

2. A Geometric Canvas Art For Room Decoration

All you need is a canvas, needle and thread, old magazines and some glue.

Here is the video tutorial for this DIY. The results are great and look pretty good for an inexpensive gift.


3. A Delicate Lace Candle Holder

You will need some old crochet doilies, a balloon and some glue.

Soak the doilies in the glue and paste them on the balloon, let them overlap a bit. Hang the balloon to let it dry.

When it dries, just prick the balloon!


4. Bath Bombs

These are really popular right now and not available in India.

Who knew these luxurious bath bombs could be made at home with stuff that we already have!

5. Succulent Pot Plant

All you need is a fish bowl or any fancy glass container. You will also need different colors of soils and sand and a succulent plant of your choice.

You just need to fill up your container with different layers of soils and plant your plant.

6. Scented Stick Diffuser

This will help you recycle those lemon and orange peels that you were about to throw away.

You will need a small jar, bamboo skewers, water, rubbing alcohol, essential oil, orange/lemon peels and herbs.

Let the peels dry over a few days and thinly slice and add it to the jar. Add some herbs to the jar as well.

Then add water and rubbing alcohol to the jar. Add essential oils and give the liquid a bit of a swish to incorporate.

Now place the bamboo skewers in. Allow the liquid to move up the sticks and disperse. Refresh the liquid after a month to prevent mold growth.

7. Holiday Mugs

You will need a plain white cup and a couple of markers.

Look up some fonts online and trace them on the mug. Write whatever message you have to and cook the cup to make it permanent.

8. Art-Frosted Glass

Buy a plain frosted glass slab and a frame to go with it.

Be creative and write/draw on the glass. Use stickers and frame it.

9. Handmade Greeting Card

This is pretty easy. You will need watercolor papers, stickers, paints, glue, plain cards and markers.

Paint over the watercolor paper and sprinkle salt over it. Let it dry and rub the salt off. Add stickers and any embellishments desired with pen or marker. Then stick this to the front of your card.


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