With New Technology Uber Is Hoping To Make Cab Riding Safer For Indians

There is no denying that riding a cab in today’s time is nothing less than a daring thing to do. What with various accidents and tragic incidents occurring on such rides, which has made people extremely vary of using these services on a regular basis.

Uber and Ola the only 2 major cab operators that are for the common person have a slew of strikes against it with a large amount of people being unhappy with their services and unsafe nature of it is.

In order to combat this, Uber has announced that it will be using a new kind of technology called Autohawk which will essentially connect all of its vehicles to cloud services.

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What Will Uber’s Autohawk Do?

Since a majority of the complaints were about how drivers flaunt company regulations and take matters in their own hands, Uber by connecting its vehicles to cloud services will have greater virtual control over them and also get reports on the exact location as well as health of the car.

The system that has been developed is meant to not just share the car’s location on a map in real time but Autohawk will also be sharing information about the car’s quality like condition of the engine, coolant levels, gearbox, odometer information and more.

There is even talk of working on Autohawk to further push its usage where it can actually control the vehicle or bringing it to a stop virtually.

This latter feature if a success could mean a great deal to assuring riders of their safety as majority have faced some kind of assault or harassment from drivers either not stopping when told or taking them to a remote location.

Alongside all this, Uber also plans to optimize the verification process for any new drivers that it employs to within or less than 15 minutes.

This Could Mean A Safer Ride For Us

Definitely a step in the right direction, Uber seems to realise the gravity of the rise in cab assault and crime and this system if dealt with properly could help curb it.

More than the feature of vehicle locator perhaps I am most looking forward to the virtual control of car and getting information about car’s health features.

These 2 can be turnaround features that will not just work towards a safer cab ride but also reassure the rider that in case anything goes wrong, authorities can contacted can stop it before it escalates.

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