Napflix: A Website With Sleep Inducing Videos To Help You Doze Off Peacefully

If you love being put to sleep then this Netflix inspired website is an absolute match for you. Napflix– a video platform, curates some of the dullest and most boring content online, to help you relax and doze off peacefully.

Napflix is the brainchild of two Spaniards Victor de Tena and Francesc Bonet. When asked about how they came up with the idea of creating Napflix, their answer was very relatable to especially, the millennials.

I started to think about all the things that I usually watch around my nap time that help me sleep. This generated an idea: Gather all that content with the idea to build a siesta digital platform that helps you nap”, he explained to Mashable in an interview.

Falling asleep to Laptop radiations is deemed harmful by health experts
Falling asleep to Laptop radiations is deemed harmful by health experts


The tagline of the website reads ‘Taking siesta to next level’ where siesta is Spanish for ‘nap’.

YouTube is filled with a number of monotonous videos that promise to make you fall asleep, so it only makes sense that Victor and Francesc decided to compile them together on one portal.

It would be fascinating to see how YouTube would deal with this, as Napflix is only curating the content that is already available on YouTube. It is only borrowing the audience that earlier used to tune into YouTube to deal with their insomnia. It could be quite a competition for our favourite video hosting website.

The Interface of Napflix features a variety of ‘boring’ content


How does Napflix’s videos makes you sleepy?

Napflix features a variety of repetitive and boring videos that induce sleep. Videos such as a burning fireplace, documentary on Quantum theory or life of a panda, Easter worshippers carrying saints down the streets of Malaga and what not.

The content is wide and the key to falling asleep is finding the video that rings like lullaby to your ears. While someone might find the sound of birds tweeting and winds breezing on an autumn day in Central Park drowsing or someone might find the sounds of a walking pig somnolent.

It’s just about matching the right content to your state of mind.

Does it really work?

Well that is arguable. Napflix’s idea is based solely on the reliance of millennials on technology. Our dependency to glue our eyesight onto our laptop or TV screens up until that stroke of sleep hits us, is actually their source of revenue.

According to experts, the blue light from smartphones and other electronic gadgets keeps our brains alert and deprived of a good night sleep. Hence watching boring videos might not actually give a pleasant sleep to some as it didn’t work me either.

The concept is interesting and could help a lot of insomniacs may be, but hearing André Rieu conducting an orchestra just doesn’t work with me.

Although the idea is quite ridiculous for some, it has actually worked for many. Take a look at this:

So you never know how many people actually end up loving Napflix. We’ll have to wait and watch out for that.

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