Najeeb Ahmed’s Disappearance Highlights How Unstructured Crime Investigations Can Be

It has been over two months since the disappearance of JNU student Najeeb Ahmed, and it is only now that the officers probing the case will soon perform a lie-detector test on Najeeb’s roommate and 9 other suspects.

Najeeb’s story

Najeeb is a 27-year-old M.Sc Student of Biotechnology at JNU. It is said that this 27-year-old had got into a fight with the ABVP (Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad) members on the night of 14th October 2016. Najeeb had been locked up in a room, beaten and abused by a set of students.

Najeeb Ahmed
27-year-old Najeeb Ahmed who is missing since 15 October 2016

Weirdly enough, Najeeb has been missing since the very next day.

Protests of all kinds have engulfed the JNU campus ever since, and the police too, have been said to be probing the incident, almost aimlessly. There is no structure or order seen in the investigations, and that is why that after almost two months since Najeeb’s disappearance they have finally decided to look into the rooms of the suspects (something that should have been their first priority).

The Course Of Action Till Now

Apart from aimlessly searching for Najeeb Ahmed, the police have also offered a price money of five lakhs to anyone who is able to give any concrete information regarding Najeeb’s disappearance.  The management has also ensured the student union of JNU that all efforts will be taken to find Najeeb and get to the root of the entire matter. Apart from this, the case has also been registered under section 395 (kidnapping with intent secretly and wrongfully to confine a person) of the IPC.

However, what makes all these actions meaningless is the fact that they have not occurred in the fashion one would expect them to. The JNU campus was searched completely, only a few days back and surprisingly enough, the hostel rooms where the incident took place has not even been looked by the officers.

Najeeb Ahmed - protest
Protests to bring back Najeeb Ahmed

The Action Plan Ahead

As per court orders, the police will conduct a lie-detector test on Najeeb’s roommate Mohammed Qasim and nine other suspects. The suspects have been sent notices about the test and have also been informed about the search that would be conducted in their rooms. The court has also ordered that a report of the test and search be submitted before 23rd January 2017 that would hopefully provide substantial evidence and leads to track down Najeeb and get to the cause of his disappearance.

It is cases like Najeeb’s that bring to light the reality of Indian colleges. Even though most colleges boast of being completely against ragging and bullying, incidents like these still manage to flourish. Most importantly, politically inclined student unions seem to be getting stronger day after day, but this strength just seems to not do any good.

The situation needs to improve, and nothing can be more alarming than an educational institution becoming a crime scene.

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