Nabalik at 18?

Public Announcement : Anyone who desperately wishes to do something illegal and immoral and is fortunately under 18 is invited to give it a try without any hesitation. The corporal punishment shall be excused for you happen to be a minor.

Weird or Insane whatever it may seem, but it is indeed the bitter reality of the law of criminal responsibility.
The Recent Incident calls to rethink about the law and make a change in the age limit for being a minor.

If countries have brought down the general age for the onset of puberty, the life expectancy then isn’t there yet another figure that needs to be revised.


 Mature enough to commit the sin of allegedly raping a girl and still a minor, eh ?
Not that it is just an incident of which this article may seem to be making a fuss of, the juvenile crime rates are on an all time high today.  If no action is taken then sadly though, but in the future we would recall this day as a recent minimum.

What do you do if a small child does something wrong? You scold him. What would you do if a grown up child does a similar mistake ? You scold him too. Well That is because perhaps that is the right punishment for it.
So what is it that decides the punishment ‘The Age’ or ‘The Mistake’ .

What exactly the article is to convey is that there is a need to review and revise the law before it becomes more of a license to kill.

An Open Request : If anyone who deeply agrees upon this thought and possesses the courage to light the candle than to curse the darkness; then come forward and be a part of the revolution. Spread this message, let it be the next change India sees. 


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