The must have room accessories!

Here’s a list of items that you must own to make your room stylish and to match your bedroom or workplace with your personality. Wall hangings: well designed and creatively made wall hangings look beautiful on the walls. Even if the walls are in neutral shades like beige, wall hangings prevent these walls from looking dull and plain. 6ACD07EF-C94B-376C-3B95907D3CD78686_large     993e55449b93f943d03c2f4734889bda      il_570xN.332552287images (2) Mirrors: mirrors these days have become a necessity, what better way to make your room look funky?  use differently shaped mirrors in place of the regular square shaped or rectangular shaped mirrors. cool-wall-mirror-for-living-room-2    download         images (3)      funky-cool-mirrors-creazioni-2 Beer bottle as sources of light: one of the best ways to utilize beer bottles is by putting a bulb or L.E.D. lights inside the bottle. These bottles can either be placed on a table or by attaching strings they can be hung from the ceiling as well. it_20110523234231 katherinetumblr_beerbottlelight flaschenlampe-pendant-lamp Clocks: you cant have a complete bedroom without a clock. So with the large number of options available, you can choose a clock which best suits your furniture, room color or even your personality. lens19812165_1349109378___    images (1) Door mat and door signs: door signs not only help in providing tit bit of information, rather they are also very cute. The door mats on the other hand also do the same. Prefer matching the door signs and door mats with the furniture, color of the room and the kind of person you are. mainil_570xN.338594888 977c2414a79ba45340331de3b2bf32f3FY080 FYDM-900x900cb16d1314347129529be65ec17a29803 Seating: apart from the bed, one always needs a seating in the room, it could be a funky chair or it could be a bright colorful sofa, adding color to the room and breaking the monotony of the regular and cliched bedroom. You can also make these sofas or chairs look even better by putting some nice cushions over them. setteeimages (5)Designing-Funky-Home-Décor-with-colorful-sofadec-shop-antique2chic1-435 images (4)1000x1000 Cushion covers: very easily catch attention, they help in bringing out who you really are. You can cover your cushions with super hero covers or abstract art or anything that you love. They not only look cool, but if you select the perfect ones they look classy as well. Printed Cushions_By_Serenity_4despicable-me-2-cushion51MOAgXsHxL._SX300_ images (6)370x302_1340885410LicoriceAllsorts Rugs and Carpets: as you can see from the following images, rugs and carpets add to the charm of your room. The ones that I love are the ones that can be used as a chair rug as well as a normal rug. Retro-Funky-Ace-of-Spadesmonster_skin_rug_7 images (8)images (7) Stylish side tables: side tables can add to the beauty of the room. Choose the right color and designs to match with other furniture items in your room. images (9)IMG_21236f74709aed2673e2062df072fa0bc2fdelegant-designer-furniture-contemporary-cool-side-table-with-impressive-ornament img87mimages


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