Modi : India’s brand Ambassador

365 days of being India’s PM and 17 countries visited already! That’s quite a world tour!

Stressing on the global power of India, Modi has made all attempts for as many alliances and deals as possible. Each visit of his has garnered crazy media frenzy and his actions have probably spoken as much as his customary speeches.

Here’s a look at some of his most interesting visits in the 1 year of PM-ship and what happened when the Modi Wave hit these nations.

  1. Bhutan-

bhutan             bhutan5

WHEN – 15-16th June 2014 (wiki says 16-17)

SOME EXTRAORDINARY FUN HAPPENINGS – Modi addressed the Joint Session of Parliament, where Bhutanese made an exception; they clapped after Modi’s speech. (generally they don’t consider clapping a congratulatory gesture).

MAJOR DEALS SIGNED – Bhutan exempted from any ban on export of milk powder, wheat, edible oil, pulses and non-basmati rice. Doubling of scholarships to Bhutanese students, assistance in making of digital library and the idea of an annual India-Bhutan hill sport was floated.

USP – It was Modi’s first foreign trip and according to him Bhutan was the most natural choice. Modi said, “The two countries are made or each other. The colour of our passports may vary, but our heritage and values remain the same.”


  1. Brazil


WHEN – 13th to 17th July 2014

SOME EXTRAORDINARY FUN HAPPENINGS – Mr. Narendra Modi was invited to watch the FIFA World Cup Final between Germany and Argentina.

MAJOR DEALS SIGNED – 3 MoUs signed with Brazil, suggestion for second route to Kailash Mansarovar.

USP – First major summit as PM.

  1. Nepal


WHEN –  3rd-4th August 2014 and 25-27th November 2014

SOME EXTRAORDINARY FUN HAPPENINGS – visited and prayed at the fifth century shrine- Pasupatinath Temple. He gifted sapling from the Bodhi Tree to Nepal.

MAJOR DEALS SIGNED – various MoUs on Motor Vehicle Agreement, National Police Academy, Medicine, Tourism etc. Flagged off the Kathmandu-Delhi bus service.

USP – after 17 years an Indian PM went to Nepal.


  1. Japan

japan1--621x414-kVLI--621x414@LiveMint   flure--621x414

WHEN – 30th August- 3rd September 2014

SOME EXTRAORDINARY FUN HAPPENINGS – From attending the famous Japanese Tea Ceremony to sitting in the seiza style, playing flutes and drums, reciting Krishna stories and visiting temples.

MAJOR DEALS SIGNED – Japan has promised India 3.5 Trillion Yen over the next 5 years for smart cities and cleaning of Ganga River. Ban on six Indian entities were lifted. Pacts covering defence, infrastructure, healthcare etc. were signed.

USP – ‘Chai pe Charcha’


  1. USA

modi-hugh   modi1

WHEN – 26th-30th September 2014

SOME EXTRAORDINARY FUN HAPPENINGS – Took the limelight at the Global Citizen Festival (music concert) as he told the crowd, “I salute you. May the Force be with you!” standing next to Volverine (Hugh Jackmann). Dinner in his honour turned out to be a major event with the news of Modi fasting. He just drank sips of water as the rest ate the lavish dishes and discussed issues. NRIs at Madison Sqaure just kept hooting with each sentence of Modi as he took to delivering his trademark speech.

MAJOR DEALS SIGNED – With India meeting the standards of the Missile Technology Control Regime, it was ready for membership to the elite Nuclear Suppliers Group. They vowed to ‘chalein saath saath’. India US partnership was strengthened with Modi securing commitment from Obama to dismantle terrorist safe havens.

USP – Dinner at White House during Modi’s Navratra Fasting :p


  1. Myanmar, Australia and Fiji

modi-abbot-selfie      Modi 3

WHEN – 11th – 19th November 2014

SOME EXTRAORDINARY FUN HAPPENINGS- Wearing the traditional headgear of Myanmar he met the Indian community there. Later in Australia clicked selfies with Tony Abbott and gifted him a photo collage of novelist, John Lang. Visited the Melbourne Cricket Ground during the time of World Cup.

MAJOR DEALS SIGNED – The Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (CEPA) along with the Civil Nuclear Cooperation Agreement to boost India’s power generation was a key discussion. Tourism, Investments and Vocation education training aspects were also looked into.

USP- Passion for Cricket


  1. France



WHEN – 9th-12th April 2015

SOME EXTRAORDINARY FUN HAPPENINGS – visited Airbus facility and tweeted the pleasure of finding ‘Make in India’ being appreciated in France. He also visited the Neuve-Chapelle Memorial, paying tribute to the Indian soldiers martyred in World War I.

MAJOR DEALS SIGNED – The much sought after Rafale deal. India’s decision to buy 36 Rafale fighters will pave way for future defence deals. A pact for the cooperation between Indian and French railways for a semi high speed rail project was signed.

USP – Naav par charcha (chat on boat ride)


  1. China

modi_selfie_2      Modi-Terracotta-2

WHEN – 14th– 16th May 2015

SOME EXTRAORDINARY FUN HAPPENINGS– Selfies took center stage as Modi was on a selfie spree. With his usual interest in the local culture, Modi visited the local places. From the Dacien Temple, Wild Goose Pagoda and Terracotta Warriors and Daxingshan Temple in Xian to Temple of Heaven in Bejing, he visited all. Terracotta Museum tour got the Twitter world go on an overdrive with sarcasm on what he must be saying to the statues there.

In Bejing at the Yoga-Tai chi event, Modi was seen very enthusiastic and probably this is the reason he has decided to hold a Yoga session on 21st June here at Rajpath with school students.

MAJOR DEALS SIGNED – 25 business plans and agreements worth $22 billion.

USP – The Modi and Li photo was named the most powerful Selfie in the world by Wall Street. Similar to President Xi Jinping visiting Ahemdabad, Modi visited capital of home province of Xi, Xian.


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